Leopard attacks moving Maruti Omni van in Assam [Video]

Animals attacks are common in areas near forest in India. We have come across several incidents where animals like elephants, and wild boars have destroyed agricultural lands and even destroyed houses. Other than these animals, leopards and tigers also often come out from the forest in search of food and this often ends up attacking stray dogs, cattle and people in the area. Such incidents have been reported from different parts of the country several times. A video from Assam has now gone viral on the internet. Here a wild leopard is seen attacking a moving Maruti Omni van.

The video has been shared by India Today on their YouTube channel. The incident has been reported from Assam’s Jorhat region. In this short clip that is circulating on the internet, a leopard is seen inside a residential area. The leopard jumps over a fence that is easily over 6 feet tall. The wild cat managed to jump over the fence and without any issue. It jumped to the road and directly attacked a Maruti Omni van that was passing through the road. Luckily, the Maruti Omni driver had rolled the window up. The leopard tried to get a hold on the van but, it could not. It however managed to take down the door visor on the van.

The van driver did not stop and drove the car away. The cat fell down and ran away through the road. The whole incident was recorded by a person sitting inside a car in front of the van. The van driver and the person recording the video were unhurt however, the leopard did attack couple of people in the area. According to the report, the leopard attacked at least 15 people in the area. A mother-child duo and a forest guard were among the people who got injured in the leopard attack. The leopard was so aggressive that the officials had to fire 7 rounds in the air to scare the animal away.

Leopard attacks moving Maruti Omni van in Assam [Video]

Similar incidents have been reported several times from Assam and different parts of the country. Earlier this year, a leopard charged at a man who was riding a cycle in broad daylight. This incident was also from Assam’s Kaziranga. In that video, a leopard charges at a cyclist. The cyclist falls on the road and is surprised by the attack. The leopard ran back into the bushes and the cyclist without wasting any time, started riding back. Wild animals like leopards often come out of the forest in search of food. As the animals are not familiar with large structures and motor vehicles, they often get scared and end up attacking people. We are not sure whether this leopard was caught and released back in the wild or did it go back on its own. If you ever happen to pass by a road that cuts through a forest, it is always advised to not stop and maintain a steady speed. Always be cautious as you never know when an animal might cross the road.