Leopard attacks truck driver, stray dogs surround the big cat & lead fightback [Video]

Due to the lockdown, people across India are locked to their homes and public places including the roads are completely empty. This has invited the animals to the public places and there have been many sightings of the wild animals on the roads in many parts of the country. While in many cities, animals like deers and nilgai have come out, in a few places big cats like Leopards have been spotted too. Due to the minimal activity of the humans, the animals are now roaming without much of a fear. Here is a video of an incident from Hyderabad, where a leopard was spotted on the roads and was caught on the camera while attacking a truck driver.

The leopard was spotted on the outskirts of Hyderabad. It was first seen resting on the middle of the road while people captured the video and made it viral. After two days of its first spotting, the leopard was caught on a CCTV while attacking a lorry cleaner.

The incident happened near Katedan underpass where the leopard was lying in the middle of the road, minding its own business. After spotting the big car, many gathered around the animal and started clicking pictures and making videos. The truck cleaner, who was also present among the crowd doing the leopard-spotting. After some time, the leopard charged at the crowd and the truck driver, among others, ran in panic. The leopard almost grabbed the leg of the cleaner when he just managed to climb into the truck and escape the attack. The leopard almost dragged the cleaner after grabbing its leg but in the end, he was saved. He sustained a few minor injuries to the leg and is currently recuperating.

Leopard attacks truck driver, stray dogs surround the big cat & lead fightback [Video]

In the same video, a pack of dogs can be seen forming a circle around the leopard and barking at it continuously. The leopard was trying to escape from the spot by jumping onto a shop when the six dogs arrived and started barking at the leopard. Dogs are man’s best friend, a saying that turned out to be true in this video. The dogs vigorously tried to make the leopard run away from the place and kept on chasing it.

The leopard then made a few jumps and strayed into a farmhouse nearby. The forest officials laid a trap to capture him but the animal remained elusive. The team since then has installed trap cameras and has arranged cages to catch the big cat but have not got any success till now. The officials have said that the leopard might have managed to make its way towards the reserved forest in Chilkur. Some people also informed the officials that the leopard was spotted on the city outskirts, near the reservoir.