Leopard chases and attacks a motorcycle rider in Mysuru, Karnataka: Tranquilized [Video]

Wild animals loitering into settled neighbourhoods is not a new phenomenon. With the ever-expanding human population and increasing footprint, such attacks are quickly becoming very common. The latest incident from Mysuru, Karnataka shows how dangerous such attacks can be.

This video became viral on social media. It is from Mysuru in Karnataka and was shared by Indian Forest Service officers. The short clip shows a leopard trying to climb a building and then slipping and falling on the ground. The animal starts to run towards the road and it seems like chasing a dog. However, a biker was crossing the road at the same time and the leopard got distracted and attacked the biker.

The pounce of the leopard caused the biker to fall down on the road. The leopard also dragged the biker but then left the spot and ran to another direction. A man was spotted pelting stones at the leopard to distract its view. It seemed to have worked well. The man was left unscratched by the leopard.

Leopard chases and attacks a motorcycle rider in Mysuru, Karnataka: Tranquilized [Video]

The leopard was safely tranquilised by the forest officials and was captured. The locals started pelting stones at the leopard, which confused the animal. It started the attacks only after people started attacking it.

Similar attacks by Rhino

In the video earlier this year, a fully grown Rhino is spotted running around. People have cleared the streets and some of them are spotted running inside for safety. The Rhino did not do any damage on the video and looked scared.

A few years ago, a similar incident from Assam became viral on the Internet. In the video, a Rhino was spotted on the highway and it was charging at other cars. A Rhinoceros was seen on the main highway and attacked the Ford EcoSport and other cars on the road. The video was taken from a vehicle that is following the animal on the road. When in such situations, it is important to make sure that you never get out of the vehicle and panic. Many cars can be seen dodging the animal and going too close to it. Wild animals can be unpredictable and can cause harm if you get too close.

Don’t disturb wild animals

Wild animals are very calm and would not attack until provoked. One should never go dangerously close to wild animals as they are very unpredictable. If an animal feels threatened by humans, it will attack

This is why it is important to maintain distance from wild animals. Herds of wild elephants can often be spotted crossing the roads in the forests and national parks of India. One should just stop the vehicle and wait for the animals to cross the road without any disturbance.

Also, if the animal attacks the vehicle, the best thing is to stay calm and not threaten the animal. Threatening the animal can cause the situation to become aggravated.