Let your car smell like new, as long as you want it to! #smellthenew

Ever entered a car full of enthusiasm for the road trip and had your mood killed by the stale smell lurking within? We know that feeling! Our nose is one of the most active sensors, and memories are connected to fragrances around you. That is why established brands have a unique scent that lets you quickly draw a picture of them whenever you smell them again. Think about how you always imagine about movies when you smell popcorns! Brands like Hilton and Ferrari have established a unique smell over the years that the users can never forget.

A car is a cocktail of fragrances of the people traveling in it and tells a lot about the people going with you! Well, not anymore. Here is Accelerate by Zoomcar that will change the impression you leave on people and the way you travel.

Car is like a second home, and the way it smells affects your mood to a great deal. Fragrances in a bottle have changed the way people smell over the years and tells a lot about the personality of a person. Well, it is like an invisible accessory that most people use. It is the most subtle, yet the most potent accessory that you can have in your car. Rewrite your story with the smell of your choice. Reset the car you are traveling by using the new Accelerate car perfume.

The Accelerate by Zoomcar will allow you to bring back the memories of the new car! Yes, the geniuses have developed a ‘New Car Smell’ perfume that will ensure that the cabin always smells like fresh off the assembly line. To make things even better, a ‘Spring’ version of the Accelerate perfume will bring back all the good memories of the best time of the year, when all the flowers are blooming. It does not matter where you’re traveling, which car you’re using, the month you’re going or the location to which you’re driving. The Accelerate perfume will make you feel like home, always. All of it has been captured brilliantly in the advertisement officially released by Zoomcar. It has every bit of smell that you have ever experienced in a car and how the car will feel like after you use the ACCELERATE.

So, what about the new perfume? The good chaps at Zoomcar have brought in the first product in the industry, which would be a part of the 14000+ Zoomcars available across 45 cities in India. Every Zoomcar will now smell like a new car! The Accelerate is the outcome of six months of extensive research, mixing the right perfumes with luxuries like leather and wood! ACCELERATE truly accelerates the “Make in India” initiative by manufacturing the perfumes right here in Mangalore. Both the fragrances are water-based and have aromatherapy, which allows the driver to concentrate — a must-needed skill to survive the busy Indian roads. The perfumes do not affect asthma patients or trigger any kind of allergy because there is no paraben, propellant, sulphate or phthalates.

That sounds like a winning combination so they must be pretty much Ferrari of the perfume world, right? Well, if you have picked up a car perfume in recent past, it would not have cost anything less than Rs 250 while well-known brands charge anything between Rs 200-400. Psst, they are all sourced from China. The made-in-India ACCELERATE costs only Rs 99, and it will make you cruise through the month and even 45 days if you do not drive around much!