How to lift a HEAVY, fallen motorcycle without breaking/injuring your back [Video]

Falling from a motorcycle and picking it up is often taken lightly especially if it is a heavy motorcycle proper technique must be used to pick it up. If proper technique is not used then there  is a possibility that the rider might hurt his or her back during the process. Here we have a video that shows the couple of ways to pick up a heavy motorcycle without hurting your back.

The video has been uploaded by Big Rock ADV on their youtube channel. The video shows the proper way of picking up a motorcycle in case it falls down. In video the instructor uses an adventure motorcycle to demonstrate the same which is around 280 kgs heavy. Before lifting the motorcycle it is recommended to put the motorcycle in gear so that it doesn’t move forward or backward when the rider is trying to pick it up.

In the first technique, instructor is facing away from motorcycle and places his back facing the seat and with one hand he holds the handlebar and with other hand he holds the saddle stay at the rear and pushes the motorcycle with his legs. During this process the back of the rider must stay straight otherwise there is a possibility that you might end up hurting the back. If saddle stay is not available in your motorcycle grab on something that won’t break easily.

How to lift a HEAVY, fallen motorcycle without breaking/injuring your back [Video]

In the second technique, he is facing the motorcycle and grabs to the handle bar and the saddle stay and keeps his back straight. he pushes once again with his legs to lift the motorcycle. Sheer muscle power is not required of the correct technique is used. Common mistake that riders do once the bike falls is that they panic and try to pick it up very fastly and end up hurting their back as they forget to use the correct technique. If the the rider is using the correct technique then he or she can pick up even a heavy motorcycle like a piece of cake.

In India the ratio of people of people owning a two wheeler is much more than that of the ones with cars. So if you are reading this article, then chances of you owning a motorcycle are pretty high. If you own a motorcycle then chances are that you must be ridden it for thousands of kilometers and would have fallen off the motorcycle at least once. There is nothing wrong in that as accidents do happen. So, these tips should make you more confident the next time you have a fall from your motorcycle.