Lifting a fallen 200-Kg Royal Enfield is very EASY: Even skinny guys can do it [Video]

Royal Enfield riders know the pitfalls of lifting their heavy motorcycles if it ends up on its side on the ground. However, Youtuber Jabir E K shows off a method that allows even the skinniest of people to lift a 200-kilo Royal Enfield that has fallen onto its side, in a way that ensures that you don’t hurt your back, or look like a fool while lifting.

Royal Enfield motorcycles, which weigh in at around 200 kilograms on average, can either give you a backache that lasts for days or makes you look like a downright fool for purchasing a heavy bike.

Following conventional wisdom, we are told to either pull the bike up or push it up. However, if you are on the skinnier side of the human weight spectrum or you don’t pump iron like a gym-goer, then trying to pull up a fallen 200-kilo Royal Enfield from the ground, may end up with you flat on your back.

Lifting a fallen 200-Kg Royal Enfield is very EASY: Even skinny guys can do it [Video]

The other more commonly used method is to push the bike up from the side it has fallen on using the handlebar and the grab handles at the rear. While easier, this method puts pressure on your back which can result in a backache or a slipped disc and in some cases an injured back.

Jabir’s method, demonstrated by his younger brother, is a lot easier and puts less pressure on your back. First, the teen puts the side stand on, and then puts the Royal Enfield Thunderbird into gear to lock the rear wheel. Then the teenager sits on the saddle facing the side the bike has fallen on. He then extends his hands to grip the handlebar and the grab handle.

Using his hands he pulls the bike up, while pushing with his legs to help expedite the process. As the Enfield gets to a vertical position, he changes position before slowly letting the bike rest on the side stand. This method works even if your bike has fallen on the side where the stand is present. All you need to do is put the bike in gear, and pull and push it up using the method shown, before opening up the side stand and letting the motorcycle rest on it. So, next time you find your heavy Royal Enfield or any big bike on its side, use this method to save your self from unnecessary pain.