Limited-edition Ford Classic launched

Ford has launched a limited-edition variant of its entry-level sedan the Ford Classic (which was earlier called the Ford Fiesta Classic). This limited-edition variant is available only on the mid-trim level Ford Classic CLXI, with the addition of many features previously only found on the Titanium variant of the Ford Classic.

The Ford Classic CLXI is priced at Rs. 7.37 lakh for the diesel and Rs. 6.30 lakh for the petrol ex-showroom Delhi, and there’s not much of a price increase for the limited-edition as such. Think of it as additional goodies coming for free on the car. Also see: Real mileage of the Ford Classic 

Limited-edition Ford Classic launched

What’s new with the Ford Classic limited edition?

Here’s a look at what you get as free add-ons with the Ford Classic CLXI limited edition. The car now comes with alloy wheels, but they are 14-inch alloys with 175/65 R14 tyres. It gets a set of four alloys. It also gets front fog lamps from the Titanium variant and a rear boot-lip spoiler, giving it a bit of a sporty look. It also gets a chrome strip at the rear, an all-chrome grille at the front and reverse parking sensors on its feature list. The interiors also feature new seat covers. (These features also are listed on Ford’s standard accessories section for the Classic – and now come pre-fitted).

The Ford Classic is among the most fuel-efficient diesel entry-level sedans and has an ARAI certified mileage of 19.5 kmpl for the diesel, whereas the petrol 1.6 has a fuel efficiency of 14.1 kmpl, but puts out a 100 bhp of power with its 1.6 litre engine that does please a lot of enthusiasts.

Lately, sales of the Ford Classic too have been slipping. In May, the car sold just 413 units, although it is a good value for money sedan. Buyers seem to be tiring of the design now, as the new Fiesta is already in the market, but that car has slipped to just 53 units in May. So to inject some cheer into the car, Ford is trying to offer a whole bunch of goodies on the mid-trim variant of the Classic to make it more value for money. Also see: Ford Classic video review