Little girl jumps in front of car: Dashcam helps driver escape mob fury [Video]

Dash cams are an extremely important accessory that one must have in a car. In many countries, this is used as a standard feature; however, in India, not many people use it. Things are changing but at their own pace. There are manufacturers like Hyundai that offer dashcams from the factory in some of their models or variants. Dash cams have several benefits. They can also be used as evidence in case of an accident. Here, we have a video that proves the importance of this device. In the video, a little girl jumps in front of a moving car, but the driver stops in time, and the girl remains safe. The whole incident was recorded on his dash cam.

The video was shared by Chirag Barjatya on Twitter. The exact location of this incident is not clear, but from the video, it appears to be somewhere in Maharashtra. In the video, the person was driving through a broken narrow road. Since it was raining, some of the potholes were filled with water. On the left-hand side of the road, we can clearly see some school children walking. As it is the rainy season, the children are carefully navigating the road, avoiding water and dirt-filled potholes to keep their uniforms clean. The driver was carefully going through the road when a little girl wearing a raincoat carelessly walked to the middle of the road.

Because she was wearing a raincoat, she could not see the car from the side, and it looks like she was trying to find her way around the pothole. The driver applied brakes, but the car hit the kid anyway. We can see the child getting up and walking to the side of the road. The raincoat was actually a thin piece of plastic that was blocking her vision because of the water droplets. Whatever the situation may be, in this case, the child was safe. The driver immediately got out of the car and ran to check on the kid. He was relieved to see the child fine without any injuries. As per the post, around 30 people gathered around him after this incident, and he could safely walk out, only because of the dash camera.

Little girl jumps in front of car: Dashcam helps driver escape mob fury [Video]

He mentions in the post that he blew the horn before driving forward, but for some reason, the kid did not respond or listen to it. The dash cam clearly shows that the kid jumped in front of the car without looking for the traffic. Pedestrians should always be on the right-hand side of the road. This would give them better visibility of the oncoming traffic and help them avoid making such wrong moves. If the driver didn’t have a dash cam installed in his vehicle, things might have been different.

There have been cases where such incidents have turned into a fight, and both parties blame each other for the accidents. If the vehicles have a dash cam installed, then they can easily access the video and analyze it to see who was actually at fault. This video is a good example that shows why everyone who drives a car should invest in a dash cam.

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