Loaded truck crashes into the rear of Skoda Kushaq: Owner impressed with the build quality

The safety ratings of a car are something that many people have started considering seriously recently. There have been cases where people have actually escaped from major accidents only because of the build quality. In most cases, we hear about the build quality of Tata and Mahindra cars. However, it is not just these brands that offer safer cars for customers. Volkswagen and Skoda are also known for their build quality. Their compact SUVs even scored 5-star ratings in the Global NCAP crash test. Here, we have an incident where a Skoda Kushq owner thanked the build quality of the SUV after he escaped unhurt from an accident.

The video has been shared by the customer who owns a Skoda Kushaq from Mumbai. The accident recently happened in Mumbai on the Eastern Express highway. According to the video, the accident occurred on 8th June 2023 at around 6:45 am. The owner of the Kushaq had stopped the car at a traffic signal. He was waiting for the signal to turn green. Suddenly, a fully loaded truck crashed into the rear of the Kushaq at the traffic signal. The truck was at a high speed, and the driver probably could not stop the loaded truck on time.

The truck crashed into the rear left side of the SUV. The owner mentions that the left side was completely damaged in the accident. The truck’s metal bumper was also damaged in the crash. The exact reason behind this accident is not mentioned here. We can see in the pictures shared in the video that the rear bumper, tail light, tailgate, and rear fenders are all damaged. It is not clear whether the C-pillar and the roof were damaged from the rear or not. The video also fails to mention whether the rear windshield was broken in the crash.

Loaded truck crashes into the rear of Skoda Kushaq: Owner impressed with the build quality
Kushaq after accident

After the accident, the owner is thanking Skoda for Kushaq’s build quality because, even after such a serious crash, the passengers and driver inside the car were safe. The impact did not reach the cabin at all, and he managed to walk out of the car without any major injuries. This is not the first time an accident like this has been reported. A few months ago, a bus crashed into the rear of a Mahindra XUV300 waiting at the traffic signal in Coimbatore. The driver of the XUV300 SUV managed to steer the vehicle away from other cars after the bus hit him from the rear.

Coming back to the Skoda Kushaq accident, it is quite possible that the brakes of the heavily loaded truck might have failed, leading to the crash. Most of these trucks use air brakes that rely on compressed air, generated by a compressor connected to the vehicle’s engine. The compressed air is stored in multiple tanks and is later utilized to apply the brakes. When a driver uses the brakes too much, the amount of air pressure decreases, and the brakes are not as effective as they should be. In such cases, the brakes lose pressure, and the vehicles can’t be stopped. In this case, the owner was lucky enough to have escaped from the accident without any injuries. However, one must always be careful while driving, and heavy vehicle drivers must be a lot more careful on the road to avoid such accidents.

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