Loaded truck loses control: Nearly runs over actor Vishal during movie stunt [Video]

Tamil film actor and producer Vishal Krishna Reddy shared his near-miss experience from a set of his upcoming movie. He shared a video on Twitter and said “just missed his life.”

The incident happened while shooting the movie “Mark Antony”. A loaded truck, which was likely to be a part of the movie can be seen closing in on the actor and supporting actors. Many did not realise that the truck was out of control till quite late and ran for their life. Actor Vishal, who was lying on the floor was not in the path of the truck but it was quite close.

The actor shared a Twitter story saying “Jus missed my life in a matter of few seconds and few inches, Thanks to the Almighty. Numb to this incident back on my feet and back to shoot, GB”.

Movie set incidents are not new

Loaded truck loses control: Nearly runs over actor Vishal during movie stunt [Video]

Movie set incidents have been happened since the concept of movies came to life. There have been incidents in the past and a few of them even turned fatal. That is why a few actors prefer using body doubles or professional stuntmen to do difficult scenes. But since this scene was not something exceptionally challenging, there was no need for a body double or a stuntman.

There is no official word on how the truck lost control or what exactly happened. It seems like some inexperienced person was driving who could not apply the brakes in time. The truck crashed against the stage of the movie set. It is also possible that the truck lost its brakes and could not stop in time.

Most movie sets always use safety gears including harnesses and barriers to make sure that such incidents do not happen. However, using safety equipment massively increases the budget of the movie, which is something that most produces do not want to do.

Many famous movie stars have been injured on movie sets too. One popular incident is that of Aisharya Rai getting hit by a jeep during the shoot of movie Khaakee in 2004. Actor Akshay Kumar rushed to helped Aishwarya. She received minor injuries and was back to the movie sets soon after. A few incidents even turned fatal for the movie set technicians in the past.

While the number of such incidents have drastically come down due to the safety precautions, such things still do happen and are unavoidable to an extent.