Locals rescue car occupants from flooded roads in Gurgaon [Video]

The Delhi-NCR has logged one of the highest rainfalls in decades. The infrastructure of the national capital and adjoining areas are infamous for waterlogging and these record levels of rainfalls created havoc in the region. While different sources and reports suggested how rainfalls brought the city to its knees, here is a video that shows the same. A group of locals came to rescue a couple of car occupants after their vehicle stopped in the middle of a flooded road.

The video is taken from a balcony of a building and it shows a car with water level reaching its bonnet level. There are two occupants in the car who are trying to come out of the vehicle and save themselves. We can see one of them climbing to the roof of the car with a backpack, which we think is a laptop bag.

The locals including children are waist-deep in water and can be seen going towards the car to help the car occupants. The video is not long enough to show what exactly happened in the end but we think the car occupants were rescued by the locals and were safe in the end.

Do not enter waterlogged roads

Locals rescue car occupants from flooded roads in Gurgaon [Video]

If you come across a waterlogged road ahead and are unfamiliar with the conditions, it is advisable not to proceed. Many roads may have concealed deep potholes underwater, which can pose significant problems for your vehicle.

If you must cross to the other side, observe other cars passing through to gauge the water’s depth and use that information to navigate safely. It is crucial to exercise caution when dealing with waterlogged roads, as most modern vehicles rely on electrical systems. In the event of water seepage, the electrical components may malfunction, including the electrically operated windows.

Moreover, due to the water level outside the vehicle, opening the door against the water pressure becomes nearly impossible. Breaking the windows becomes the only means of escape. Side windows are typically easier to break than the windshield since they are not laminated. Specific tools are available in the market for this purpose, but in emergency situations, you can use the pointed edge of the headrests to break the windows and exit the vehicle. However, it is essential to be extremely cautious when encountering a waterlogged road.

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