Locals save army man & his Hyundai Venue from drowning in the Brahmaputra [Video]

Seldom do we come across instances of humanity, in which people are saved from facing adverse consequences in a road accident or mishap. In one such heart-touching incident, which could have turned into a fatal one, a group of locals saved army personnel and his Hyundai Venue from sinking in the Brahmaputra river.

The said incident has been reported from Nimati Ghat situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Assam. An army personnel was trying to board a ferry at the ghat in his Hyundai Venue. However, in the blink of an eye, the army personnel lost control of his car while driving on the ferry through a ramp. Due to this, he failed to apply brakes at the required moment, as a result of which the Venue fell into the river.

Showing prompt action to this unfortunate turn of events, the lifebuoys present on the ferry dove into the river in an attempt to rescue the army personnel and his car from drowning. While the car was floating away from the ferry, the lifebuoys succeeded in pulling out the driver from the car. Another tempo driver, who was also on the ferry at that moment, jumped in the river and tied a rope to the rear of the car to bring it back to the shores before it submerged in the river.

Locals save army man & his Hyundai Venue from drowning in the Brahmaputra [Video]

The tempo driver was further helped by another rescuer who jumped in the river and helped him in bringing the Venue back to the river shores. With more ropes and help from additional people present on the ferry, the group managed to pull back the Venue out of the river, after it was submerged more than half. A video of this entire incident was captured by someone present on the ferry at that moment, which soon went viral on the internet, gaining the attention of many netizens.

Thanks to the promptness of the lifebuoys and other locals present on the ferry at the moment, a tragic accident was avoided. In the past, the Brahmaputra river has unfortunately been a centre for such accidents due to poor management and the overloading of ferries. This incident also has brought concerns while getting onboard a ferry over a river in a car, in which certain precautions and safe driving have to be followed. Also, the ferries should avoid overloading vehicles and people and should be adequately equipped with all the safety measures and aids to rescue people in such emergencies.

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