Locals thank traffic cops for seizing Royal Enfield Bullets with aftermarket silencers

By Ajeesh Kuttan

The traffic police in Pune’s Pimpri-Chinchwad recently conducted a drive in the area to nab motorcycles with aftermarket exhausts and managed to seize the silencers of 10 motorcycles. Modification is completely illegal in India; however, we still find many examples of modified bikes, scooters, and cars in our country. One of the most popular types of modification among two-wheeler riders is exhaust upgrades. They remove the stock silencer of the motorcycles and either modify it or replace it with an aftermarket unit, which is much louder than the original. It is extremely popular among owners of Royal Enfield Classic and Bullet series motorcycles. However, this often creates a disturbance for people living in the area, as they are very loud.

Cops remove aftermarket silencers from bikes

This is not the first time we have come across a report like this. In the past, we have come across several incidents where cops have seized motorcycles for installing aftermarket silencers. In this case, however, the cops seized the motorcycles and removed the silencers from all of them. The cops got hold of 10 motorcycles from the area with aftermarket exhausts. Most of the motorcycles were Royal Enfield Bullets. It is not clear whether the cops issued a challan against all these motorcycles for illegal exhausts or just simply removed the aftermarket silencers and let them off.

Whatever the case may be, locals from the area are very happy with the action as these aftermarket silencers were extremely loud and were causing disturbance and noise pollution in the area. After the report went viral, netizens have been applauding the cops for taking action against the offenders. These motorcycles were creating noise pollution, especially around hospitals, schools, colleges, and other public places. The department took this action to curb these over-enthusiastic bikers from using loud silencers. Earlier this year, the Traffic police in Margao, Goa, also conducted a drive to nab motorcycles with illegal modifications. They seized around 40 motorcycles and registered 45 cases.

Similar drives keep happening in different parts of the country from time to time. In Pune, however, the cops have kept the silencers removed from the motorcycles and will use this as a reminder to other bikers not to create any disturbance for people living in the area. In the past, we have come across several incidents where cops have destroyed such aftermarket silencers using a road roller. In Vizag last year, the cops destroyed almost 631 aftermarket exhausts.

Although we have spoken about aftermarket exhausts being illegal, it should be noted that not all exhausts are illegal. If the exhaust installed on the motorcycle is compliant with the rules and regulations and meets the sound output requirement, it can be used on public roads. If the exhaust’s sound is much more than the permissible limit, then cops have every right to stop your motorcycle, issue a fine, or even seize the motorcycle. This is not the first time we have come across such a report. Most people who want a loud sound from a single-cylinder motorcycle often go for free-flow exhausts, which are louder and also attract attention from cops.