Locals thrash youth after stunt on public road goes wrong

Performing stunts on road is quite dangerous. There are several incidents where performing stunts on public roads have ended up in accidents. One such incident was reported from Kerala recently. A college student was thrashed by locals after the pillion on the motorcycle fell while he was trying to perform a wheelie.The rider claimed later that it was an accidental wheelie.  CCTV footage of the whole incident is now available online. The incident happened in Kerala’s Thrissur district.

The video has been shared by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. The video is actually a collection of several videos of the incident and the things that happened after that. It clearly shows how things escalated. In the video, the biker can be seen attempting a wheelie (or accidentally pulling a wheelie) and the pillion who is biker’s friend can be seen falling off the motorcycle. The biker – who was wearing a red Joker costume and with face that looks to be painted white, as in the movie –  immediately stops the motorcycle and comes to pick her up.

By this time locals also assembled and helped the guy pick the girl up. It looks like the girl had suffered minor injuries only. They took the girl and let her sit for some time. Then the locals arranged an auto-rickshaw and took her to the hospital. Meanwhile, one person from the crowd started arguing with the biker and suddenly, the biker starts beating the local. We do not know exactly what triggered the biker, but it was perhaps questions or remarks by the local guy about the rider’s attire or some remark about the girl who fell off.

The people who had gathered at the spot did not stop them and watched the scene. The next video shows, the same college student being beaten by a bunch of locals. It looks like the rider was attacking and abusing the locals and they pushed him to the ground and started beating him. While the student was being hit by the locals on the ground, the first person whom he had beaten came up to the rider, took a stone and hit him with it on his head. After hitting, he can be seen walking away.

The rider or the student who was brutally assaulted in public is Amal, a degree student from Thrissur’s Chethana college. Ollur police has registered case on Amal’s statement. As per the rider, the incident took place around 4 pm on Tuesday, when he and his classmate, a girl where on their way to a restaurant on his bike. The girl fell off the bike and a crowd gathered to help the girl. Soon, a few people present at the spot allegedly attacked Amal for accompanying the girl and question his dressing style.

Police is currently analysing the visuals. They have identified a person among among the attackers and Ollur police has registered a case as well. Name of the person who attacked the rider with the stone has not been revealed yet. A complaint has been lodged against Amal, alleging that he attacked a person who rushed to the spot to help the girl who had fallen from the bike. Some reports that are circulating online, say that the locals have warned Amal several times for riding style. He allegedly rides recklessly on the road and even after several warnings, he has not made any changes to it.