Luckiest kid in India crashes into very lucky biker: Lucky bus driver avoids accident

While this may look like a perfectly timed movie scene, it is not. This CCTV footage from Kerala shows a shocking accident where everyone just got lucky. Watch the video and then watch it again to know what exactly happened.

The CCTV footage shows a typical single-lane road in Kerala with moderate traffic. Suddenly, a kid riding a bicycle enters the road at high speed and hits a biker. While the bike did not fall, the cycle fell on the spot. The kid, however, was thrown to the other side of the road.

A state transport bus, which was following the motorcycle closely did not get time to apply the brakes and crushed the bicycle. However, the kid looked fine in the video and he stood up soon after his bicycle got crushed.

It looks like the kid lost control of the bicycle and could not apply the brakes. He entered the road from a dirt road, which seems to be a declining slope. No one is injured in this accident. How do you think that the kid survived the accident? Pure luck or skills of the bus driver?

There are several close accidents on CCTV

Another incident from the Southern part of India shows another lucky incident where a scooter rider got saved. The CCTV footage shows a man on a scooter entering the corner at a very high speed. As the scooter approaches the bus, the driver almost completes the first manoeuvre. That’s when the guy on the scooter swerves to his left and uses whatever narrow space there was between the bus and the wall. Even the bus driver spotted him at the last moment and applied the brake.

The guy on the scooter in the meantime just missed the bus and continued going straight to find a tree. He somehow manages to pass through the gap between the tree and the wall. The video also shows his helmet falling down from the scooter but he was not wearing the helmet. It was kept on the floorboard of the scooter.

Luck does not last forever

Luckiest kid in India crashes into very lucky biker: Lucky bus driver avoids accident

Luck would not last forever. It is important to learn traffic rules and ride responsibly. The accident happened because the motorists could not anticipate the kid on the cycle entering the main road at such a high speed.

Indian roads are considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world. To be safe on the roads, one needs to be extremely careful of the surroundings and follow the laws.

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