Lucknow youth arrested & fined Rs 26,000 for performing stunts on moving car [Video]

Video creators on social media continuously try to come up with new and unique ways to entertain viewers, with the aim of achieving fame and wealth. However, in their quest for viral content, these young social media influencers often engage in dangerous and risky acts, many of which involve using motorcycles and cars. Here we have a video of one such young man from Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow who was arrested and fined Rs 26,000 for performing stunts on a moving car.

The video was shared by Roads of Mumbai on Twitter and shows the young man driving a modified Tata Safari Dicor SUV on public roads. The SUV has heavily tinted windscreen and windows, and auxiliary lamps on the roof. The social media influencer was driving the SUV recklessly, changing lanes without considering other road users and even driving the car with the door open.

In the video, he can be seen standing on the footboard of the SUV away from the steering wheel, while driving the car. He is also shown sitting on the roof of the Safari while smoking. Although it is not clear whether the SUV was moving in the shot, he is seen driving the car in a zigzag manner on the road, putting other road users at risk. It is evident that he was performing these stunts for creating a video for social media.

Lucknow youth arrested & fined Rs 26,000 for performing stunts on moving car [Video]
Social media influencer at police station

The exact identity of the youth in the video is not known. However, it is likely that the UP police came across the video and, using the registration number of the vehicle, tracked down the owner of the car. The young man and his modified Tata Safari were taken into custody, and the cops issued a challan of Rs 26,000. The details of the fine, such as the section under which he was charged, are not available at the moment. The challan was probably issued for illegal modifications and rash driving on public roads. It is not clear whether the authorities have taken any further action, such as suspending his license or imprisonment.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident of its kind. We have seen several videos in the past where young people sit on top of moving cars to make videos for their personal social media platforms. Cops from different parts of the state are now relying on technology such as CCTV cameras and social media platforms to monitor traffic rule violations. There have been several cases in the past where the police have taken action against offenders based on videos that were circulating online. Doing such stunts on public roads is dangerous as even a small mistake can lead to an accident. By doing such stunts, the driver was not only putting his own life at risk but, also the life of other road users. Recently, a youth from Uttar Pradesh was fined Rs 70,000 for making a social media reels while sitting on the bonnet of a moving Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback.