Lucky escape! Red light jumping car almost kills this motorcycle rider [VIDEO]

A motorcyclist who was just riding away after the traffic light turned green had the scare of his life when a Chevrolet Camaro jumping the traffic signal almost took him out. The entire incident was caught on video, highlighting why it’s so dangerous to jump a signal, and of course, the dangers that motorcycle riders routinely face on roads around the world.

The motorcyclist on an unidentified superbike is first shown waiting at a traffic light. When the light turns green, the biker starts moving, and bang, a Chevrolet Camaro jumping the red light T-Bones a Toyota RAV-4 SUV and a Ford Fusion sedan. The SUV topples, leaving the superbike rider no room and time to brake.

The superbike rider crashes into the topping SUV, and luckily escapes with his life. The entire accident was recorded in the biker’s Go-Pro action camera mounted to his helmet. The toppling SUV could have easily crushed the biker, who had a very narrow miss.

While this accident happened at Plano, Texas, it’s something that could happen anywhere, especially in countries such as India where jumping traffic lights is a very regular occurrence. This accident goes on to show why jumping a traffic light is so dangerous and the severe consequences it can lead to.

People can die because of someone’s hurry, and the road is not a place meant for driving/riding hurriedly. Always start a few minutes early to avoid having to rush through/jump traffic lights. Even if in a hurry, slow down and follow all traffic rules. A life lost because of your hurry can’t be brought back.

As for motorcyclists, the only thing that they can do to survive idiot drivers is to wear all the gear, all the time, and ride defensively. Also, investing in good quality frame sliders will help you, the rider, get off the bike easily during a crash.

Video courtesy MalikElizee