Lucky pedestrian, unlucky rider: Yamaha RayZ hit by car nearly takes out pedestrian [Video]

A pedestrian walking on a road somewhere in Kerala had a very narrow escape, highlighting how dangerous it is to walk on roads that have vehicles plying in both directions. The entire accident was caught on camera and makes for a chilling watch. Here, take a look for yourself.

As the video indicates, the pedestrian walking on the road is alerted to a sound of crashing metal. A Maruti Alto hits a Yamaha RayZ automatic scooter, leaving behind the scooterist motionless on the road. The heavy impact sees the Yamaha RayZ being flung in the air. The scooter somersaults a few times before nearly taking out the horrified pedestrian. The scooter’s front end brushes against the pedestrian’s back, who’s seen rubbing his back after the impact. However, the pedestrian simply walks off without assisting the rider of the scooter, who’s seen lying motionless on the road. As for the car, it simply speeds away after the crash without stopping.

Dangers of walking on the road

Roads are simply not meant for pedestrians, footpaths are. And this is why governments in India need to make sure that roads with heavy pedestrian traffic have footpaths. In the pedestrian’s defence, the road he was walking on didn’t have a clearly demarcated footpath, leaving him no option than to walk on the road itself.

By doing so, he was putting himself at grave danger considering the fact that the road didn’t have a grade separator/divider. Any overtaking maneuver that sees vehicles using the full road would put such pedestrians at high risk. This is only one of the many dangers of pedestrians walking on roads rather than footpaths.

From the video, it seems that the rider of the Yamaha RayZ was unhelmeted. Not wearing a helmet makes a two wheeler rider highly susceptible to a head injury, which is the biggest cause of death in two wheeler accidents. We can only hope that the two wheeler rider has survived, and learnt to use a helmet.

Video courtesy Sarath Kumar