Mahindra Scorpio-N Z2 And Z4 Variants Given A Luxurious Makeover [Video]

mahindra scorpio-n luxury makeover

Today, we will discuss two Mahindra Scorpio-Ns, which are tastefully modified keeping luxury in mind. The cars are showcased in a YouTube video uploaded by VIG Auto Accessories. The video shows us two Scorpio N SUVs: a Z4 variant and a base Z2 variant. Now, let’s understand in detail what changes have been made to each SUV.


Z4 variant to top conversion

The host starts with the changes made to the car’s front fascia. The entire lighting setup has been upgraded. Both the headlights (LED projector with sequential turn indicators) and the fog lights (LED with DRLs) are borrowed from the top Z8 model of the Scorpio N. A subtle yet striking change is the gloss black grille with chrome accents and chrome upper lip. Earlier, this variant was equipped with a regular plastic grille with silver accents.

The Z4 variant’s steel rims are upgraded to 18-inch alloy wheels from the top-spec variant. Other additions to the side profile include rain visors with chrome accents, a chrome waistline, and chrome C-pillars.

Mahindra Scorpio-N Z2 And Z4 Variants Given A Luxurious Makeover [Video]

After covering the exterior, the host discusses the interior, which is the major highlight of this project. He calls it a “super luxurious interior.” The theme of the cabin has been changed to beige and black instead of the original tan and black theme. An interior styling kit with gloss black elements beautifully complements this colour combination. The major touch points of the SUV, including door pads, dashboard, horn pad and leg rest, are covered in soft-touch leather material.

In addition to the theme change, multiple changes have been done to the interior, including active ambient lighting (all four doors, door handles, under the seats and dashboard), bucket finish seat covers,

Another major highlight of the cabin is the upgraded steering wheel. The regular steering wheel has been replaced with a muscular flat-bottom wheel with leather wrapping and gloss black elements.

Base Z2 variant with necessary modifications

The second project shown in the video is the base Z2 variant of Scorpio N. Like the first car, the alloys have been upgraded to Mahindra genuine 18-inch alloy wheels. Multiple chrome elements (C-pillar, waistline, door handle garnish, body cladding garnish, ORVMs, and front and rear fender) have been added to the car’s side profile to enhance its visual appeal.

However, this is subjective, as some people may like it, and others may not. Functional additions to the side profile include roof rails, footsteps, and rain visors. Changes in the front fascia include adding Mahindra genuine fog lights with DRLs, chrome elements on the black plastic grille, lower chrome grille garnish, and halogen to LED headlight conversion.

The interior of this car has also been upgraded. The interior theme of this project is champagne gold and black, which looks similar to the original tan and black. A gloss black interior styling kit has also been added. Soft-touch leather material has been added to various places, such as door pads, dashboard, and leg rests. The steering wheel has been wrapped in black leather, while the horn pad is wrapped in Champagne gold leather.