Distracted driver crashes into truck while chasing BMW X6 SUV [SUV]

BMW X6 Maruti Alto Crash Wet Road India

Witnessing an exclusive luxury or sports car in motion on the road is a treat for many auto enthusiasts. Some of them patiently take pictures and videos of such vehicles while moving on the road. However, some even go to the extent of chasing the car to provoke the drivers of these cars to road racing or take a video or picture of the vehicle. In one such case, a Maruti Suzuki Alto driver unfortunately crashed his car into a truck at a traffic signal while chasing a BMW X6.

A Reddit post shared by an account named “Kerala” shows a gang of friends chasing a red-coloured BMW X6 in their Maruti Suzuki Alto on what seems to be a six-lane road somewhere in Kerala. In the video, the friends in Alto are chasing the BMW X6, which is moving ahead of them on the road. While the X6 driver is seen decently driving the SUV coupe with proper lane-changing etiquette, the Alto driver also drives behind the X6 in the same lane.

After some time, the BMW X6 picked up pace and crossed a traffic signal while it was showing the green light, allowing the vehicles to cross the stoppage. However, as soon as the X6 moves past the stoppage, the traffic signal lights up red. There was a truck behind the X6, which stopped at the signal. However, the Maruti Suzuki Alto driver, who was driving well behind the truck at a significant distance, failed to judge the situation and failed to apply brakes at the right time.

Distracted driver crashes into truck while chasing BMW X6 SUV [SUV]

As a result, the Alto crashes into the rear end of the truck, with the video ending abruptly due to the collision. It looks like this video was recorded by one of the friends inside the Alto, who might have uploaded this video on the internet. Many netizens are commenting on this Reddit post in a joking manner, with some even saying that the collision was evident as the Alto driver was driving irresponsibly.

While seeing a luxury car or a sports car moving on the road can be a thrilling experience for many, one must be aware of the surroundings or driving conditions, especially in densely-moving traffic, as seen in this video. It might not be wrong to click pictures and videos of such cars out in the open, but doing it at the cost of one’s safety following dangerous driving patterns is an irresponsible behaviour one must ignore.

Wet roads can increase braking distance

It’s important to understand that the braking distance tends to increase when roads are wet because of reduced traction. This makes it crucial to drive cautiously in such conditions. The BMW X6 is equipped with sophisticated electronics like ESP and traction control, among other high-end safety features. These technologies enhance the car’s stability on wet roads compared to a standard hatchback.

High-end cars often have wider tyres, providing more contact between the road and the tire’s surface. This increased contact leads to better traction and improved control.

Driving on wet roads can be challenging for various reasons. Besides reduced traction, rain washes oils and fluids onto the road, making it even slipperier and extending the braking distance.

Making sudden turns on wet surfaces poses similar challenges, potentially causing skidding. Additionally, there’s a risk of aquaplaning on wet roads.