Owning a luxury car for 6 years: How much does it cost to maintain? [Video]

Ten years back from now, spotting a luxury car on our roads was a very rare sight. But, over the years things have changed a lot. Now there are more luxury sedans, SUVs on our roads than before and that is not because these brands became cheaper, but our standard of living increased. Buying a luxury car is not everyone’s cup of tea and we have explained it in many of our previous articles, why. The maintenance of a luxury vehicles can be a daunting task and it can cost a lot.

Expensive vehicles require high maintenance. Also, any breakdown of these vehicles can take much longer to repair since the technology that they use are much advanced and cannot be fixed by the roadside mechanics. Also, any spare part takes a lot of time to reach the service centres so the car may remain in the workshop for a longer period of time. To explain the same thing we have a video here that shares the ownership experience of a luxury car that he had for 6 years.

The video has been uploaded by Traveling Desi as part of his vlog on his Youtube channel. In this video he speaks about the amount of money he had spent on his Audi A6 for over the last 6 years. In the video he can be seen taking his Audi A6 for routine service. He had been getting his service done from authorised service centre in the past, but this time he is taking it to a workshop which specifically deals in luxury cars.

The Video then talks about the expense. As per the video the owner had spent Rs 1.10 lakh as insurance when he bought the car in 2013 and now the amount has reduced over the years but still is not cheap by any means. He then talks about maintenance part. Once the car met with an accident and one of the headlight got broke. The Headlight itself costed him around Rs 90,000. Similarly, the bonnet of the A6 got a dent few years back and the replacement cost the bonnet was around Rs 1.70 lakh. The headlamp washer was also once replaced and it costed him around Rs 15000. Total cost of part replacement along with labour charges had brought the cost around Rs 4 lakh (according to video).

Owning a luxury car for 6 years: How much does it cost to maintain? [Video]

So, owning a luxury car is one thing and maintaining one is another. If you are interested in buying a new or a used luxury car make sure that you have decent amount of money in your bank account for unexpected emergencies if in case anything goes wrong. As we said earlier, maintaining a luxury car is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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