Luxury cars that saved lives in crashes: Bentleys to BMWs and Mercs!

Occasionally, we find some stories where our totally India-made cars saved the lives of their passengers in nasty accidents. Here are some imported, high-end luxury cars that did the same for their rich owners and families.

Bentley Flying Spur

Luxury cars that saved lives in crashes: Bentleys to BMWs and Mercs!

This incident took place in Hyderabad, on the ORR. The super smooth ORR is turning out to be a death trap due to rash drivers. The vehicle was being driven by the chauffeur, who was returning from the airport after dropping the owner of the car. He certainly looks like he was in a hurry and wasn’t able to control the car.

The pictures are devastating and show how badly the car was damaged after it rolled a few times. The car was certainly a total loss since the damage was extensive. The car had 2 people on board. While one injured his foot, the other got away with minor injuries. The massive damage that you see on the car is due to the crumple zones working, which is why the passengers survived the crash.

Audi Q7

This happens to be a tragic accident where in the driver of this Q7, who was under the influence of alcohol rammed into a biker, who sadly died. Not only that, the Q7 then went on to hit a truck as well causing it to tip over. Seeing the aftermath of the accident, it surely looks like the driver was going pretty fast since the bike looks like a pile of junk and so does the truck. The vehicle had two occupants on board, both fled the scene after the accident. While the car looks mangled, the passenger cabin is still intact, which means the crumple zone as well as the airbags have done their job in saving the occupants.

Porsche Cayman

This was a tragic accident that occurred in Chennai last month. The driver, a professional race car driver was under the influence of alcohol and happened to lose control of his Cayman while he was at high speeds and he rammed into 12 auto rickshaws that were parked killing 1 person.

He was granted bail and ended up paying a compensation of Rs 27.5 lakhs. As you can see, the passenger cabin has not been damaged much which is what resulted in the driver walking away from the crash.


This crash occurred in Kerala. This blue M3 seems to have lost control on the narrow road that you can see behind and thus ended up hitting a tree with such force that the tree fell on the car. Though the car may look totaled, it has now been repaired and it is back to its full glory now. While the front end of the car is in a total mess, the passenger cabin looks unscathed, which is what resulted in the passengers walking out alive from this one.

Mercedes S Class

This is a bizarre incident where in an employee from the Mercedes dealer was taking this vehicle from one showroom to another. It looks like he wasn’t used to driving such powerful vehicles. He lost control of the car and crashed into the divider, thus flipping the car and making it catch fire.

He was lucky enough to get out of the vehicle before the fire started. While the vehicle burnt to a crisp, the driver got out without many injuries, however we aren’t sure what damage this would have on his pocket though.

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