Made-in-India Tata Hexa is now ‘official SUV’ for Bangladesh Army

Tata Motors has got a new contract from one of our neighbouring country Bangladesh, to supply Hexa SUV to be used as their official Army vehicle. What this means is, a made-in-India vehicle is now the official SUV of the Bangladesh army.

Made-in-India Tata Hexa is now ‘official SUV’ for Bangladesh Army

Tata Motors had to conduct vigorous testing on the Hexa for months before getting an approval from the Bangladesh Army. Tata received an order for 200 Hexa from the Bangladesh Army once Hexa fulfilled the conditions for the Army. This is the statement issued by the manufacturer,

This order has been won against the other competitive brand SUVs and this has been the first key order from the Bangladesh Army. The superior performance of the Tata Hexa, better comfort features and widely available service and spares in Bangladesh made it the most preferred brand for the army

Made-in-India Tata Hexa is now ‘official SUV’ for Bangladesh Army

Tata Motors has been present in Bangladesh car market since 2012 and they sell couple of models in the country. The Hexa for which Tata has now received order from the Army is not available in the country as a private vehicle. It will get a army green paint scheme. Tata Motors earlier this year at the expo unveiled the BS6 version of the Hexa SUV. It will launched in the market, once the situation improves.

The Military will be getting the 4×4 version which only comes with a manual gearbox. The Hexa is powered by a 2.2 litre turbocharged diesel engine. The engine generates a maximum of 154 Bhp and 400 Nm of peak torque. The same engine and gearbox will be made available to the Bangladesh Army as well.

Tata Hexa is currently the flagship SUV from Indian manufacturer but its flagship status would soon be taken by the Gravitas SUV. Nevertheless, the Hexa is one of the most underrated car from the manufacturer. The Hexa looks huge, has ample road presence, acres of space on the inside and a powerful engine. There’s even the 4×4  option on offer as well, along with a automatic gearbox option. Currently it is the only car sold by the manufacturer with a 4×4 option. The big old Tata Safari Storme was discontinued from the line up earlier this year. It is now only offered to the Indian Army and is being used by them as their official vehicle. Tata Motors is one of India’s older vehicle manufacturers. It makes both commercial vehicles (trucks and earth moving equipment) as well as passenger cars.

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