Madhya Pradesh Doctor plasters his Maruti Alto 800 with cow dung to stay cool

maruti alto cow dung featured

Almost every state in India is currently experiencing the summer season. Many North Indian states have started reporting heatwaves, and authorities have even released official statements asking people to stay indoors to avoid sunstrokes or sunburns. Just like in previous years, travelling in a car during summer, especially without an AC, is not something that most people can consider. Due to the extreme heat, most car AC units have to work hard to keep the cabin cool. However, here we have a doctor from Madhya Pradesh who has come up with a way to keep the temperature inside the car cabin low during summers – by plastering the whole car with cow dung to beat the heat.

The video has been shared by Kanak News on their YouTube channel. The owner of this Maruti Alto 800 is a Homeopathic Doctor from Madhya Pradesh who claims that after plastering the car with cow dung, he has seen good results. He mentions that the performance of the car’s AC unit has improved as the cow dung is acting as good insulation from the heat. We have seen similar modifications on houses, roofs, and floorings in rural areas. Although cow dung is an insulator, we are not sure how practical this is on a car.

This is not the first time we have seen people do such modifications on cars. In the past, we have seen people coat the roof and body panels of sedans, hatchbacks, and even vans with cow dung to reduce the cabin temperature. One such car was a Toyota Corolla Altis from Maharashtra. The sedan was entirely plastered in cow dung, and the owner of the car also had similar reasons as the doctor. The Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 seen in the video looks like a base variant car. The bumper on this hatchback is not body coloured, and he did not cover the bumper with cow dung either. We are not sure why he did not do it. After looking at the car, we have a couple of things in mind.

Madhya Pradesh Doctor plasters his Maruti Alto 800 with cow dung to stay cool
Alto800 with cow dung plaster

What will happen if it rains? Will the cow dung plastered over the hatchback simply wash away in heavy rains, or is there some sort of resin mixed with the cow dung to keep it in place? Another thing is the paint job. Will the original paint of the car be affected when removing the cow dung? Above all, will cops stop your vehicle as this is a modification? The original colour of the car is different from what is seen on the road.

Maruti Alto 800 is an extremely popular hatchback among Indians. The Alto was first introduced back in 2000, and since then, we have seen several iterations of this family hatchback in the market. Maruti Suzuki recently announced that they are discontinuing the Alto 800 from the market. It was the entry-level hatchback from the manufacturer. The reason for discontinuing this popular hatchback is the new BS6 phase emission norms. With all these updates, the price of the Alto 800 would have gone up, and that would have affected the sales too. So, discontinuing Alto 800 was a financially viable option for the manufacturer.