Madhya Pradesh Police gifts Hero HF Deluxe to Zomato delivery boy

The work of delivery men, especially those who work as delivery partners of food delivery apps, takes a toll in adverse climatic conditions, like the current heatwave which has affected almost the entire nation. While a suitable action is yet awaited from the end of the authorities at food delivery apps to make the lives of these delivery men, a recent gesture by a few Madhya Pradesh police officers towards a food delivery man has touched the hearts of many people.

Madhya Pradesh Police gifts Hero HF Deluxe to Zomato delivery boy

The incident took place in Indore, where a few policemen got together and helped a 22-year old delivery man buy a brand new motorcycle for him. Before this, this delivery man, who is identified as Jay Halde, used to deliver food on his bicycle.

In a statement given to the media, the in-charge of Vijay Nagar Police Station in Indore, Mr Tehzeeb Qazi, said that he once observed Jay delivering food packets on his bicycle, while being drenched in perspiration in these ongoing days of summer.

Madhya Pradesh Police gifts Hero HF Deluxe to Zomato delivery boy

After having a conversation with Jay, Mr Qazi, along with other policemen appointed on duty at Vijay Nagar Police Station, came to know that Jay’s family is suffering from financial issues, due to which he is unable to afford to buy a motorcycle.

Collected funds at the police station

The policemen of Vijay Nagar Police Station decided to help Jay by contributing funds for an initial down-payment for a new motorcycle, which was then deposited at an authorized dealership of Hero MotoCorp. After a few days, the policemen, along with Jay Halde, went to the dealership together to buy a brand new Hero HF Deluxe. However, the rest of the amount will be paid by Jay himself in instalments.

Commenting on this noble gesture by the policemen of Vijay Nagar Police Station towards him, Jay Halde said that he used to deliver six to eight food parcels a day on his bicycle. However, with the new motorcycle, he will now be able to deliver fifteen to twenty food parcels, thanks to the added convenience and increased speed of the motorcycle. With the additional number of deliveries, he will also be able to earn more commission.

Recently, a youth crowd funded a motorcycle for Zomato delivery partner. He used the Twitter to collect the money and gift a new motorcycle to the delivery man.

At times when we hear a lot about the grievances and hardships faced by delivery partners working for food delivery partners, this heart-touching gesture makes us believe that humanity is still alive among common men in this world.

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