Watch Madhya Pradesh Traffic Police ‘sanitise currency notes’ after fining commuters during COVID-19 lockdown [Video]

The spread of COVID-19 cases in India and across the world is a worrisome situation. While India is still under lockdown, the government has allowed some relaxations for the people to start the industries and market slowly. The frontline people like the cops and the doctors are most exposed to the risk of getting infected and there are many doctors and policemen who have already been infected. The police forces who stay on the roads to regulate the traffic and ensure that the lockdown rules are being followed are taking extra precautions to make sure that they do not get infected.

In a video from Madhya Pradesh shows that the traffic policemen on duty are using hand sanitizer to sanitise the currency notes before accepting the fines. The video shows that the cops on duty are stopping a lot of commuters on the roads and handing them fines and challans for breaking down the lockdown rules. When the commuters are paying fine on the spot through cash, the cops are putting drops of sanitizer on the notes and are asking the people to rub the notes properly. Only after that, they are letting them put the notes inside the plastic bag.

While it is not known if this way works and kills the COVID-19 virus, it sure is a good way of taking precautions. Since the cops meet various people and have to handle them during the day, they are at a high risk of catching the virus. The cops can be seen with protective gears like a face mask and gloves but many of the cops do not have the gloves on. The virus is very contagious and can survive on the surface for a few hours.

Watch Madhya Pradesh Traffic Police ‘sanitise currency notes’ after fining commuters during COVID-19 lockdown [Video]

The cops around India are doing their duty non-stop to make sure that the people adhere to the lockdown rules and do not spread the virus. In a bid to stop the people from going out of the homes, cops of various states have seized lakhs of vehicles of the commuters. However, the government has now allowed essential service providers, and people from certain industries to work with limitations and reduced work strength. Even many car manufacturers have started their operations and are expected to operate in the full strength in the coming weeks.

India is currently under a lockdown till May 17. This is the second time that the lockdown has been extended in the country after the rise in the number of cases across the country. The government is also planning to restart the public transportation system in a controlled manner to make sure that the migrants who are stuck in different cities can go back to their native places.

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