Maharashtra Police fine more than 200 motorists for not wearing rear seatbelt

Ever since the sad demise of Cyrus Mistry happened in an unfortunate road accident, the traffic police all over the country are on high alert for the sake of road safety. A few days ago, Delhi Traffic Police reportedly fined more than 100 people who were not wearing seat belts even on the rear seats. Now, in a special traffic awareness drive, the Pune unit of the state highway safety patrol imposed fines on 224 vehicle owners for not wearing seat belts in the rear seats.

Maharashtra Police fine more than 200 motorists for not wearing rear seatbelt

The special drive conducted by the highway safety patrol unit of Pune took place between September 14-21, in which the officials imposed a fine of Rs 200 on all the offenders. This drive was conducted on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Out of the 224 offenders, 198 were found not wearing seat belts on the rear seats of the vehicles.

According to the Superintendent of Police (HSP), Lata Phad, the awareness drive for the use of front and rear seat belts in passenger vehicles will continue in the same spirit in the coming days as well. She further added that till now, only the front seat occupants in the vehicles were fined for not wearing seat belts. But now, the teams are also fining the rear seat occupants for breaking this rule.

More than 1,387 challans till now

In her statement, Phad claimed that around 1387 drivers and front seat occupants were fined for not wearing seat belts between January and August, and this number is likely to go up if people do not get aware of the new rules. She also said that while the car drivers who regularly drive on the expressway are much aware of the rule and follow them religiously, it’s not the same on other densely crowded highways like Pune-Ahmednagar, Pune-Kolhapur and Pune-Solapur.

For this awareness drive, various highway state patrol teams are deputed on the usually crowded junctions like the Urse toll post and Khandala ghat section. These teams are keeping an eye on all the front and rear occupants of the vehicles, and are fining those who are not wearing seat belts. Many citizens and road safety activists have come forward in support of the movement. Activist Tanmay Pendse also praised the strict actions taken by the highway safety patrol units.

The use of safety belts for the rear seat occupants in a vehicle is gradually being mandated throughout the country, ever since businessman Cyrus Mistry lost his life in a road accident earlier this month. Initial investigation reports claimed that Mistry was not wearing a seat belt while he was seated at the rear of the Mercedes-Benz GLC, which got crashed on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway, near Palghar.

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