Mahendra Singh Dhoni buys the most EXPENSIVE Swaraj tractor on sale: Watch him driving it around [Video]

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been enjoying his retreat to his house in Jharkhand for a while now. Dhoni has been in news for various automobile-related videos and some of them even show his super secretive garage that houses all his motorcycles. Well, today is Dhoni’s birthday and we’ll talk about the farming vehicle that he recently bought. A few days ago, Dhoni was spotted driving a Swaraj 963 tractor all by himself on the roads. It turns out that he has now bought the tractor and is using it in his farmhouse to do organic farming.

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The video shows him talking to a representative from Swaraj and then even getting the keys to the tractor. In another part, he can be seen ploughing the fields all by himself. The tractor can be spotted with a 7-feet MB Plough from Shaktiman, which can be used for various farming-related needs. It seems like Dhoni is still getting a hang of the plough before fully unleashing the power of the tractor to utilise it fully.

Now talking about the tractor itself, it is the most expensive model from Swaraj. It is also the most powerful tractor available from the brand in India. It is the 963 FE that offers 12-speed forward gears and 2-speed reverse gears. The tractor also offers a 4X4 system that ensures that it does not get stuck in the mud and slush while ploughing in the farm.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni buys the most EXPENSIVE Swaraj tractor on sale: Watch him driving it around [Video]

The Swaraj 963 FE gets powered by a 3.5-litre, 3-cylinder engine that generates a maximum of 63 PS. But it generates a massive amount of torque that allows the tractor to lift and drag around 2,200 kg without any problem. Dhoni can be seen using the tractor and operating it without any problems in the field. We are not sure which vegetables are getting plucked by Dhoni later but we are sure they will be something good.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been enjoying his lockdown days with his automobiles. In a live session on Instagram, his wife Sakshi Dhoni revealed that the cricketer spends most of his time with the bikes. He opens all the parts and then assembles them. Dhoni has a massive collection of motorcycles and some of the bikes in his garage are very rare and exotic.

He also owns classic motorcycles like BSA, Yamaha RD350, Yamaha RX1000, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki Ninja ZX12R and modern motorcycles like Kawasaki H2R, Confederate Hellcat and a lot more such motorcycles.

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