Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s latest ride is a Swaraj 4X4 tractor [Video]

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently in his native town in Jharkhand and is spending quality time with his family and his automobiles. Often, we see videos of Dhoni riding two-stroke bikes with his daughter Ziva. Now here is a video that shows Mahi driving down a Swaraj 963 Fe tractor all by himself.

The video shows Mahendra Singh Dhoni with another person on the tractor. Dhoni can be on the driver’s seat and he did drive down the tractor for a fair amount of distance on the empty roads. This is the most powerful tractor from Swaraj and also gets the 4WD system. Tractors are complicated to drive and you may not find it easy to drive when you get on it for the first time. This Swaraj 963 FE gets as many as 12-speed forward gears and 2-speed reverse gears.

This is the most powerful tractor from Swaraj and gets a 3-cylinder, direct-fuel-injector, water-cooled engine. The 3.5-litre engine generates a maximum power of 63 PS and it can lift up to 2,200 kg! Mahendra Singh Dhoni can be seen comfortably driving the tractor on the road as if he has done it many times. It does come with a power steering system, which makes things little easier.

Dhoni has been spending a lot of time around his automobile. In a recent Instagram live session, his wife Sakshi Dhoni revealed that Dhoni keeps on opening his bikes and assembling them again and in the process, he sometimes misses putting a part of the bike and he has to do it all over again. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a true automobile love, especially motorcycles. He has a glass garage with hundreds of vintage, classic and modern motorcycles. Some of the most notable motorcycles in his garage include a BSA, a few Yamaha RD350s, a few Yamaha RX100, Harley Davidson, a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R, Kawasaki H2R, Confederate Hellcat and a lot of other such bikes.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s latest ride is a Swaraj 4X4 tractor [Video]

Dhoni also loves SUVs and is the only owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk in India. He specially imported the car from the USA and he uses it quite regularly on the roads. The Jeep Grand Cherokee gets powered by a massive 6.2-litre supercharged petrol engine that generates a humongous 707 Bhp and 847 Nm of peak torque. It can do 0-100 km/h in just 3.62 seconds. Other notable SUVs in Dhoni’s garage include a Hummer, a Nissan 1 Ton, customised Mahindra Scorpio and a Land Rover Discovery.

He is often spotted washing his own bikes and polishing them too. Only an enthusiast will understand the satisfaction of cleaning an automobile! Well, we do hope that you’re also taking care of your vehicle during the lockdown and keeping them in proper shape.