Mahindra adds army green colour to the TUV300

Since the time the TUV was introduced, it was always marketed as the tough and rugged utility vehicle (and hence the TUV name plate). Its macho looks were inspired by a battle tank. But to complement that further, Mahindra has unveiled an all new army green colour on the TUV. The colour is christened Bronze Green. This colour was introduced by the company to celebrate Independence day.


The colour was first showcased at the media event that took place at the Mahindra factory last year, however it wasn’t a part of the official colour list since then. Looks like Mahindra has found the right time to introduce the colour. The colour will be available on all variants as a made-to-order option. It is only the colour that has been changed, there are no other visual changes that have been done to the TUV.

Mahindra TUV300 Getting Dirty

Mahindra recently gave the TUV a power upgrade aswell. The top of the line T8 and T8+ trim now get the option of the 100 Bhp and 240 Nm state of tune which was earlier only available on the Nuvosport. Currently, the TUV is only available in diesel form. A 1.5 liter petrol engine is under development and should be launched by 2018.