We go off-roading in the Mahindra Alturas G4: In pictures

Mahindra launched their most expensive SUV yet, the Alturas G4 on 24th November and we got a chance to sample it off the road near Jaipur. The Alturas G4 is sold in both 4×2 and 4×4 versions and the we had the latter to our disposal for an off-road experience across natural terrain. Here is our photo-log of the event.

We drove to Achrol, a small village about 30 mins North of Jaipur in a convoy of about 16 Mahindra Alturas G4 4×4 SUVs.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad2

The Alturas, all lined up for the off-road drive ahead. We stuck to both 4H (4×4 High) and 4L (4×4 Low) for the selected route. Ride height isn’t adjustable but 244mm of ground clearance is more than adequate.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad3

The sandy terrain (part of an old sand dune) had its own natural routes like this one. We didn’t use the hill descent control – instead in 4×4 low, we let the SUV roll ahead with just a tap of the brake lever.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad4

4×4 High was more than ample for uphill sandy tracks like this one. Do note that the ESP comes with active roll-over program, brake assist, traction control, electronic brake distribution, ABS, hill start assist and emergency stop signal.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad6

And then we hit the specially made 4×4 section! All that 420Nm of torque surely came in handy – 16% more than the XUV500.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad8

We were given quick instructions and guidance by Mahindra’s in-house expert, Manish Sarser…

Mahindra Alturas Offroad18

..and post that we were allowed a free run here. Look at that massive lift! The Alturas remain calm and composed.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad13

Hero shots like this one were easily possible. Even in 2H (normal 4×2), some of us managed to drive through thanks to the clever traction control set-up that works like a diff lock.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad15

Brand new Alturas were subjected to antics like these.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad20

And then we hit the loose sandy areas where getting the rear out in 2H was rather easy. Remember, the Alturas puts out 178 bhp of power from the 2.2-litre Diesel engine.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad11

Note that we had the traction control OFF for these pictures : otherwise the system kept cutting off the power immediately

Mahindra Alturas Offroad10

We also subjected the Alturas to crazy lean angles like this one. No problem whatsoever.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad21

After spending a few hours in the wild, it was clear that the Alturas, inspite of its weight and size, is very capable off the road. But how many buyers will shell out that extra Rs 3 lakh for the 4×4 version? Our fingers are crossed.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad1

One parting shot showing the wheel articulation – most of us were quite impressed with this new Mahindra’s capabilities off the road.

Mahindra Alturas Offroad17