BSVI engine by 2020 for Mahindra XUV500, Scorpio and future cars

India will implement the more stringent emission norms from 2020. The new BS VI norms will be in effect from April 1, 2020, and Mahindra has announced that they will have a diesel engine ready by that date to meet the emission norms.

BSVI engine by 2020 for Mahindra XUV500, Scorpio and future cars

Mahindra is working on two brand new engines that will be launched with the new products in the future. The new engines will be lighter, more fuel efficient and much more refined in terms of noise than the current engine. The manufacturer is working on many new products but most prominent of them are the U321 which will be an MUV and the S201 which will be a compact SUV positioned against the likes of Vitara Brezza in the market.

The product line-up will also look different from the current line-up. Mahindra is planning to discontinue the slow moving vehicles on the sales chart. The company has not said about the specific products but cars like Verito, Xylo and NuvoSport the expected to be removed from the line-up.

Mahindra has also said that they are working on making the Bolero safer. It is the only car in the line-up that does not get airbags and ABS in any of the variants. Mahindra is working to upgrade the safety. The new safety standards will come into force from July 2019 instead of October 2019 where all the vehicles need to have ABS, driver-side airbag and other safety features like seat belt reminder, over speed warning lamp, rear parking sensors. The new safety norms will make the cars safer and will reduce the number of fatal accidents on the Indian roads.

Mahindra is also planning to launch products like the XUV 700 in the future that will be the new flagship of the brand. The company is also working on electric vehicles and will launch the KUV EV by the end of this year.

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