Watch the Bolero 6X4 rescue stuck Mahindra Major [Video]

Mahindra Bolero has been a favourite vehicle for a section of buyers for many years. People love modifying Bolero’s and most of them that we have seen in the past are done to make it more off-road friendly. We have seen several modification videos of Mahindra Boleros in the past where it is modified to look like an exact replica of a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Many even modified Bolero’s to look like a proper 6×6 SUV. Here we have a video that shows a Modified Mahindra Bolero 6×4 rescuing a Mahindra Major stuck in the mud.

The video as been uploaded by YuVlogs on their youtube channel. The video shows a couple of jeeps and Maruti Gypsy being driven through a muddy section. The modified Mahindra Bolero can also be seen in the video. It can be seen that the Mahindra Bolero easily crosses all the slush and mud that was there on the path. After some time one of the Jeeps that was in the group got stuck and was unable to pull itself out. After several unsuccessful tries, the jeep was finally tied with the Mahindra 6×4 and it easily pulls the jeep out without any drama.

The Mahindra Bolero seen in the video was modified by the owner itself and we have featured this vehicle on our website before. The owner has modified the chassis on this Bolero and has extended the MUV to accommodate third axle. The cabin has also been modified and it can now seat 4 passengers only. The third row has been chopped off to make more room for the loading bay at the rear.

Watch the Bolero 6X4 rescue stuck Mahindra Major [Video]

The vehicle has 3 axles but only two of them are powered. The vehicle according to the owner is 6×6 ready but it currently isn’t. The modification done to the MUV looks very neat and the leaf spring suspensions installed at the rear do the job perfectly. Another modification done to the Bolero here is the engine itself. The engine has been replaced with a 2.6 litre turbo diesel unit from Scorpio and the 4×4 system is from Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. The Bolero 6×4 is a quite capable and can be seen going through the off-road sections without breaking a sweat. The overall cost of modifying this Bolero into a 6×4 vehicles is Rs 5.5 lakh, which included the cost of the vehicle as well.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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