This Mahindra Bolero is tastefully modified into a 6×6 off-road beast [Video]

Mahindra Blero is one of the oldest vehicle from Mahindra and has remained more or less the same in terms of design ever since its launch. It is one of the largest selling MUV in the country and is famous among buyers both in rural and urban market. The Bolero is purely utilitarian and is perfectly suitable for broken or dirt roads in remote areas in our country. There are many examples where the Bolero has been modified to be an off-roader. Here we have a uniquely modified Mahindra Bolero which might probably be the only Bolero 6×6 in the country.

The video has been uploaded by well known SD OFFROADERS NAKODAR on their youtube channel. They have modified and restored many SUVs in the past. The Bolero in the video has been extensively modified and gets number of changes. Starting from the front, the stock headlights have been removed and replaced with round units. The grille at the front has also been redesigned. This modified Bolero gets off-road bumpers with turn indicators integrated in it.

Coming to the side profile is where the major modifications take place. The Bolero has been extended and it gets an extra set of wheels at the rear to make it a 6×6 vehicle. It gets a chunky looking tyre wrapped around off-road rims. It looks like the car now sits higher than before and the wheel arches have also been modified. At the rear it gets Jeep styled LED tail lights and door mounted spare wheel, apart from that everything else remains the same on the outside.

This Mahindra Bolero is tastefully modified into a 6×6 off-road beast [Video]

On the inside, the modifier has tried creating a lounge. As the car was extended from the rear, it now has more space and can accommodate upto 8 people easily. There is a partition between first and second row of seats. The partition is built in order to mount the LED screen. The whole cabin gets diamond stitch upholstery which looks good. The  second row get leather wrapped captain seats and the third row gets side facing bench seats. The car even gets roof mounted AC vents and a sunroof too. Overall this modified Mahindra Bolero is one of a kind of vehicle and is definitely a head turner. It may not be street legal though. So, if you want to customize your car in this fashion, you got to be ready to use it only on private roads.