Mahindra Bolero modified to look like a Mercedes Benz Brabus G-Class

Mahindra is famous for manufacturing SUVs in India. They recently announced that they will only be focusing on proper SUVs. One of their oldest SUVs that is still on sale is the Bolero. It is known for its reliability and rugged nature. Due to which it is one of the most trusted vehicle in rural areas. It is still on sale and still has a strong demand because of which the homegrown manufacturer has not discontinued it yet. Bolero is also one of the most easiest SUV to be transformed because of its simple design language. Here, we have a Mahindra Bolero that has been modified by Bimbra 4×4 to look like a Brabus. Bimbra 4×4 is a well known modification shop known to modify Thars as well. The interior as well as the exterior of the Bolero has been modified.

The pictures has been uploaded on the Facebook page of Bimbra 4×4. The Bolero here is inspired from Brabus. Brabus is a well known after-market car tuner based out of Germany. They are best known for modifying Mercedes-Benz and Maybach vehicles. The company was founded in 1977 and was founded by Bodo Buschmann and Klaus Brackman. If you take the surnames of both the founders, you would get the name “Brabus”.

The first thing that a person would immediately notice is the different front grille that is inspired from Brabus. The grille houses a “B” in the centre with two chrome slats going through till end. The grille gets a black surround. Then there is the different bumper that is more functional and improves the approach angle of the SUV because it is much shorter in height when compared to the stock bumper. The bumper is also made up of metal so if it gets scratched, you can easily repaint it.

The SUV has also been repainted in a Matte Grey colour with a black strip running in the middle. The new paint job itself gives the SUV a very purposeful look. At the side profile, new fenders have been installed which also houses the turn indicators. Because the fenders are more wider than stock fenders, the tyres would look small.

Fortunately, the owner has also opted for blacked out steel rims with orange piping. The tyres are also much wider that improves the stance of the SUV. The ride height of the Bolero has also been increased. Due to which, there are side boards placed to help with ingress and egress for the occupants.  The SUV now looks more butch due to all these design changes.

At the rear, there is a slimmer bumper which also looks like a metal one. It is finished in black and all the badges from the vehicle has been removed. There is also a spare tyre placed which gets the same black steel rim with orange piping.

Bimbra has also reworked the cabin. So, now it gets tan brown colour throughout the cabin. The door pads, steering wheel and the seats are finished in this brown colour. An after-market touchscreen infotainment system has been placed in centre of the dashboard. The SUV here is a 5-seater so there is ample legroom for the rear occupants too.