Mahindra Bolero MUV wants to be a Brabus

Mahindra is one of the most popular and largest UV manufacturer in India. One of the oldest model from the brand which is still production is the Bolero MUV. Over the years, demand for this simple and practical UV has not decreased and that is one of the reason why Mahindra has not axed it. They kept on making necessary changes to keep buyers interested in Bolero. They even updated the new Bolero to meet new safety and emission norms. Mahindra Bolero is popular MUV among modifiers for its rugged looks and we have seen several good looking examples of the same here on our website. Here we have Mahindra Bolero that wants to look like a Brabus modified utility vehicle.

The pictures of this modified Mahindra Bolero has been shared by Bimbra 4×4 on their Facebook page. For those, who are not familiar with Brabus. It is a German aftermarket high-performance automotive car tuning company who specialize in Mercedes-Benz and Maybach. The Bolero seen in the images is done by Bimbra 4×4 and they have done a lot of modifications to the vehicle including a Brabus styled front grille.

Starting with the front end, the main noticeable change here is the new front grille and redesigned front bumper. The stock bumper in the Bolero was replaced with a sturdy looking off-road bumper. The whole MUV has been repainted and it now gets a matte grey finish to it. The paint job itself has changed the overall look of  Bolero. It now looks a lot more rugged, butch.

Coming to the side profile, the main difference here is the new set of black steel rims and chunky tyres. Slight modifications have been done to the side fender and a turn indicator is also installed on it. It looks like the ground clearance of Bolero has also been increased by a bit. There is a new foot board and apart from that no major changes can be seen here.

Coming to the rear, just like at the front, Bimbra 4×4 has installed an off-road bumper at the rear as well. The spare wheel is still mounted on the tail gate and is of the same size as the one it runs on. Along with the exteriors, interiors of this Bolero were also modified. The whole cabin has been reworked and gets tan or brown theme. There is tan or brown coloured material wrapped around the whole dashboard. They have mounted an aftermarket touchscreen on the dashboard to give it a floating type screen look. As there is a touchscreen system installed, the speaker set up on this MUV has also been updated.

The door pads, steering wheel and are also wrapped in same colour material. It gets all 4 power windows and the front seats get individual armrests. The front seat is also wrapped in brown colour material. Bolero seen in the image has been converted into a 5-seater which means the second row passenger now gets more legroom. It looks like no modifications were made to the engine of the Bolero. Overall, this modified Bolero with subtle exterior changes does look good and the work done looks neat too.