SDM’s Mahindra Bolero buried in avalanche: Rescued by Indian Army [Video]

Snow avalanches can be extremely dangerous and can turn out to be fatal if you get stuck in them. Here is a video from the Northern part of Kashmir, where a Mahindra Bolero MUV got stuck in the avalanche with three people inside. The Indian Army swung into action to save the stuck people and rescue them. Here is the video.

This video is from Karnah region in the Kupawara district of Northern Kashmir. While the summer weather is starting to arrive in India, a majority of the upper region of the country is still covered under the snow. The video shows that a Mahindra Bolero stuck under the avalanche.

The vehicle belongs to the sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) and the incident happened when he was travelling with two of his staff members. At around 2 PM, the SDM Karnah Bilal Mohi-us-din along with his driver and Personal Security Officer (PSO) got hit by the avalanche and got stuck.


Their vehicle was at Sadhna top when the incident happened. They were travelling from Karnah to Kupwara after reviewing the situation of the COVID-19 in the remote region of the district.

After the avalanche, the Indian Army deployed at the Sadhna top deployed its Avalanche Rescue Team to rescue the people inside the vehicle. The unit located at Chowkibal, Tangdhar Road swung into action and started removing the snow pile from the MUV. The team then smashed the windows open that gave an opening to the occupants of the car.

All the three occupants – the SDM, his PSO and the driver were safely rescued and were given first-aid on the spot. The PSO received minor injuries but overall all the three people were remained safe after the incident.

SDM’s Mahindra Bolero buried in avalanche: Rescued by Indian Army [Video]

The eye-witnesses said that the avalanche was massive and pushed the car several feet before coming to rest. The vehicle narrowly missed falling in the 500 feet deep gorge.

Avalanches are common in the region with heavy snowfall. They are unpredictable and can happen due to the sliding of the top layer of the snow. The snow layer piles up to form an avalanche and it can cause massive destruction. In the past, avalanches have caused destruction to the cities and have even buried roads for months.

There is no way of escaping a snow avalanche and there is no way to predict it. However, if you’re travelling in a car in the regions with heavy snowfall, it is always a good idea to keep a few things handy in the car including a shovel, a torch, extra layers of warm clothing, food and lot of water. Driving through snow can be tricky and it is also difficult to get help. It is best to keep these things handy, in case the vehicle gets stuck and you have to wait it out till the help arrives.

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