Mahindra Bolero Camper converted into a beautiful caravan

Motorhome culture was not popular in India. This culture of caravans or motorhomes was mostly seen in western country. With pandemic people who have been eagerly waiting to travel have now come forward with alternate and safe options. Camping and converting the car into a home during trips was one of them. Some took things to the next level and got their car customised into a caravan. There are several workshops that do such conversion. Here we have a caravan on an unconventional vehicle. A Dual cab Mahindra Bolero camper pickup truck has been converted into a home that can accommodate four.

The video has been uploaded by Motorhome Adventures on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about the conversion that has been done to the pick-up truck. The pickup is painted in a shade of brown. This is a hard top, flat bed pick up conversion. The dual cab in the pick up has been retained.

The flat bed now gets modification. Exterior of this Bolero gets minor modifications like 16 inch all terrain tyres, air suspension at the rear and marker lights on the roof. The cabin at the rear completely rests upon the flatbed and if needed, the cabin can be separated from the body easily.

To get into the cabin, there is a slide and drop metal ladder and the door gets proper lock system to ensure safety. Considering the limitation of space, Motorhome Adventures has done a good job with the pickup. The cabin gets a bed on the top and a couch on the ground can be converted to bed. Both these beds can accommodate 2 people each.

Mahindra Bolero Camper converted into a beautiful caravan

Other than this, heat insulation has been done to the walls, they have used fire retardant wires, fire extinguisher, 112 litre food grade aluminium water tank, portable toilet, bathroom, shower, sink, television, circuit breaker, roof mounted air conditioning system, refrigerator and many more features. The shower and sink gets normal and hot water options.

Unlike other conversion projects that are based on Force Traveller, Mahindra Bolero pickup does not have much space. If it was a single cab pickup, then there would have been more space but, then it would mean that only two people can sit in the car while driving. Vlogger admits that there was space limitation in this project but, it looks like they managed it pretty well.

There are storage spaces on either side of the cabin and the car also gets solar panels installed on the roof. drainage pipes from the kitchen sink can be seen outside. The cabin is fully furnished and vlogger mentions that there is ample amount of headroom for occupants and large windows give cabin an airy feel. There are decent number of storage space inside the cabin to store pantry items and it also comes with two top stove. One of the cabin is dedicated to keep 5 litres blast free cylinders. Overall, the design looks very neat and the camper looks ready for an all-India road trip.