Mahindra Bolero converted into a nature lover’s Dream Caravan [Video]

We have seen numerous caravans on Cartoq. However, this particular vehicle that has recently been created is slightly different from all the others. The owner of this caravan commissioned a unique vehicle to take on numerous adventures and be close to nature as much as possible. The video of this caravan has been shared on YouTube by Motorhome Adventures, one of the most professional companies in the country that specializes in creating custom caravans, motorhomes, and other custom vehicles.

The model that Motorhome Adventures has created this time is based on the 4-door Mahindra Bolero pickup. The presenter of the video shows the entire caravan in great detail and explains its features. The host of the video states that this caravan has been named Reisender and finished in a stealthy shade of cosmic matte black on the outside. She then shows the rear section of the right side where the electric outlets have been placed. She also adds that there is a freshwater inlet from where the caravan takes water to store inside for usage during adventures.

Next, she shows the front of the vehicle and mentions that it has been slightly modified to differentiate it from other Bolero four-door pickup trucks. She states that the vehicle gets metal bumpers on the front and metal side fenders as well. The presenter also mentions that the caravan comes equipped with a winch that can be used if the vehicle gets stuck in the mud or to rescue other vehicles stuck in precarious situations. The host adds that the caravan also gets a custom air suspension that uses a 100 psi air pump to inflate and deflate the suspension airbags and tires of the vehicle.

Mahindra Bolero converted into a nature lover’s Dream Caravan [Video]

Moving on, the presenter shows the interior of the cabin of the Bolero caravan and states that it has been retrimmed with leather upholstery on the seats and roof. It also gets a custom diamond quilting pattern. The presenter also shows the small entryway from the cabin of the vehicle to the rear portion. After this, she shows the exterior camping kitchen setup of the vehicle. She opens the compartment on the left side of the exterior to show the storage container that houses the sink and a faucet. She demonstrates the functioning of the faucet and the sink. Following this, she shows the two-burner stove setup as well.

The presenter then moves to the main compartment of the vehicle, which is the rear of the seating and bed area. She opens the two metal steps by unbolting them and then climbs up to the main cabin. She mentions that it can seat two people comfortably. She then shows the custom-made reinforced fiberglass toilet, which she adds is their USP. She also shows the custom matte black painted microwave and refrigerator. After this, she shows the open bed of the car, which is placed above the cabin of the Bolero caravan and states that it can easily accommodate 3 people. She adds that this particular customer has opted for an open cabin and can also be ordered with a canvas cover. Lastly, she shows the custom-made sunroof along with an air conditioner system as well.

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