Humble Mahindra Bolero & Force Gurkha SUVs transformed into Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes is known for its class apart design quality. They up their game to a point where no vehicle stands competition with the Mercedes Benz G-Class or G-Wagen. The modern classic design differentiates the car from any other SUV in the market and continues to be almost the same since years. The latest G-Class is tagged an extremely high price and with our country where such luxury cars are imported, it can be extremely heavy on the pocket. However, there are also just as keen enthusiasts, who would kill to see one in their own garage. Hence, they didn’t shy away to turn to the loophole of modifying their existing SUVs to look extremely similar to G-Class. The best ones are the transformation of Mahindra Bolero and Force Gurkha, read along to know more.

Force Gurkha into Mercedes-Benz G-Class

G Wagen 8

This modified Force Gurkha is from Kerela, India. The change in design is done beautifully, making it look extremely close to the original Mercedes Benz G-Wagen. Let’s take a closer look at the front of the car. The bumper has been replaced by the authentic G-Wagen’s bumper, bonnet along with the headlamps too. The side fenders are also added from the original Mercedes Benz G-Class.

G Wagen 7

Coming to the top of the car, the roof has been flattened and the rear of the Force Gurkha has got new shiny LED lamps. The rear windows on the side take away the overall camouflage. The modified Force Gurkha has retained the three window setup instead of the two window set up in G-Wagen, but even then this will gain a lot of attention on public roads.

Force Gurkha into Mercedes-Benz G-Class

G Wagen 6

This is another version of a Force Gurkha covered in steel grey turned into a version of the G-Wagen. The complete modification has costed the owner somewhere around INR 6.5 lakhs only. The modification cost may seem plenty for the job, however the fact that it makes the Force Gurkha look so much closer to the G-Wagen makes it worth it. The transformation added the new 3-slat Mercedes Benz grille in the front and gets extremely masculine aftermarket alloy with flared arches.

G Wagen 5

Surprisingly, even this one has stuck with the original three window design of the Force Gurkha, which is the only close to significant differentiator, other than that anyone can be easily fooled with this Force Gurkha for a Mercedes Benz G-Class.

Mahindra Bolero into Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Image result for bolero to g-wagen

This modification of a Mahindra Bolero to a G-Wagen is also done in Manganam, Kerela and is done by R&T Auto Catalyst. The box-like outer frame of the Mahindra Bolera, makes it rather easier to transform it to the G-Class. The front of the Mahindra Bolero has been completely changed with a new front griller, new headlamps and a new bonnet as well. This change itself makes it look quite similar to the Mercedes Benz G-Class.

Mahindra Bolero To Mercedes G Wagon Conversion 4

To give it an even more authentic touch, the step boards added to the Bolero are quite similar to the G-Wagen. Even though its sad to know that the powerhouse inside the car remains the same, the huge wheels of the car make it look and feel quite like the original Mercedes Benz G-Class.

Mahindra Bolero – Mercedes Benz G-Class white

G Wagen 4

Apart from a few mass segment cars used for commercial purposes, it is sort of extremely clean and classy to own a white luxurious car. This transformation job was also based out of South India in Coimbatore and the end product was to our absolute liking. This job was taken over by Jeep Studio and costed somewhere close to INR 7.35 lakhs.

G Wagen 3

Slyly, the alloy wheels have original Mercedes badges and the ORVMs are filched from a G-Wagen. The modified Mercedes Benz G-Class comes with the original Bolero’s engine of 2.5 litre M2DiCR turbo diesel and is able to produce 63 bhp and 195 Nm of peak torque.

Mahindra Bolero – Mercedes Benz G-Class

G Wagen 2

This wannabe version of the G-Wagen from a Mahindra Bolero is seen in Delhi. Just like the other transformed cars, the front of the car looks like a ditto copy of the classic German SUV. The same bonnet, griller, LED lamps and headlamps makes it look exactly like the iconic G-Wagen. Attention to detail has been brought by adding sport indicator mounted on top of the bonnet. Another differentiator is the side mounted exhausts exactly like the ones in the Mercedes Benz G-Class.

G Wagen 1

In this Mahindra Bolero, the rear of the car has had insignificant design changes. However, this does modified SUV does feature the Gelandewagen’s tail lamps that has been placed vertically instead of horizontally. The original Bolero engine has been retained in the transformed car as well.