Mahindra Bolero & Force Gurkha SUVs modified to Mercedes Benz G-Wagens: 5 examples from across India

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class or as it is more commonly known – G-Wagen was first introduced in the 1970s. The SUV became an icon since then. Mercedes-Benz has kept the evolutions of G-Wagen based on the original design, which means that even a modern G-Wagen looks inspired by the original model. While there are many who import the G-Wagens to India by paying hefty taxes, a few enthusiasts in India have taken a more cost-efficient approach. How? Well, by transforming desi cars like Mahindra Bolero and Force Gurkha into G-Wagen replicas. Here are five such examples.

Force Gurkha based G-Wagen

G Wagen 8

This Gurkha to G-Wagen conversion looks very realistic. It is done by a Kerala-based car garage. The original Force Gurkha was in green colour. The owner chose the X7R colour, which is a Volkswagen brand colour and is available with the Audi vehicles. To give it a complete G-Wagen look and feel, the garage has put original G-Wagen spare parts on the vehicle. Even the roof was reconstructed to a flatter form since the stock roof o the Gurkha is sloping.

Other changes include new wheel arches, which look more like the G-Wagen now. The use of the new bumper and new tail lamps makes this transformation job quite realistic. There is a giveaway though. The rear window panel of the G-Wagen is a single-piece large window but this one is different.

2nd Force Gurkha based G-Wagen

Force Gurkha’s stock looks very much inspired by the original G-Wagen helps the customers to transform it easily compared to other vehicles. Here is another Force Gurkha based conversion. This transformation job also gets a three-slat Mercedes-Benz grille and logo. Instead of rectangular fog lamps, this transformation job gets oval-shaped units. It also gets a new set of alloy wheels.

However, the rear windows do give away the car’s original roots. This transformation job also involves also gets a lot of original G-Wagen parts. Even this Gurkha’s roof was reconstructed again to make it look like the original. The total cost involved in this transformation job is around Rs 6.5 lakh.

Mahindra Bolero to Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Mahindra Bolero is also a popular choice among many for transformation jobs. This job is done by the R&T Auto Catalyst in Kerla. This vehicle gets a new front-end and all-new panels including grill, bumper, fenders and even the bonnet are reconstructed. The transformation job’s headlamps and even the LED bar below look like the original ones.

From the side, you get the G-Wagen like flared wheel arches and step boards. The rear of the vehicle also gets a massive makeover. It gets original tail lamps and the tailgate gets a spare wheel with a Mercedes-Benz cover on it. The cabin also gets a few tweaks that make it look and feel more premium.

2nd Mahindra Bolero to Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

This customisation job is reportedly one of the most expensive ones and has costs ed around Rs 7.35 lakh. The job is done by Jeep Studio in Coimbatore. The front-end of the vehicle gets many parts from the original G-Wagen. The vehicle gets projector headlamps, LED DRLs, a new grille, new bumpers, and a new bonnet.

This vehicle has gone through a massive transformation. Even the front and rear tracks have been altered to make the length look like an original G-Wagen. The alloy wheels, badges and even the ORVMs are from the original vehicle.

3rd Mahindra Bolero to Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

This Mahindra Bolero transformed into a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen in Delhi by Pandit & Co. The vehicle’s front end has been designed well and looks exactly like the German SUV. It gets the original grille, headlamps, LED lamps, and more. The indicators are mounted to the bonnet of the vehicle. The fenders are also flared. However, the rear of this transformation job looks nothing like a G-Wagen. It still gets the original tail lamps though.