Mahindra Bolero gets 1.3 lakh rupees cheaper

Mahindra has launched a new, sub-4 meter version of India’s best selling MUV, the Bolero. The Bolero’s bumpers have been shortened to bring the vehicle under the 4 meter bracket. Called the Bolero Power +, the MUV’s new variants start at 6.59 lakh rupees, ex-showroom Navi Mumbai.

Mahindra Bolero gets 1.3 lakh rupees cheaper

Now, this is 1.28 lakh rupees cheaper than the older SLE BS4 variant, which is priced at 7.87 lakh rupees. The Bolero Power+ is available in SLE, SLX and ZLX variants. The SLX and ZLX variants are priced at 7.23 lakhs and 7.57 lakhs respectively.

Why the new, sub-4 meter Bolero?

Rural India has been the mainstay of the Bolero’s sales. Two successive years of drought has hit the rural economy hard, and Bolero sales have plummeted by more than a third. To regain sales, Mahindra has come up with a cheaper, yet more powerful version of the MUV.

But how?

Mahindra Bolero gets 1.3 lakh rupees cheaper

By taking advantage of India’s lower excise duty for sub-4 meter cars. Apart from shortening the length of the Bolero, Mahindra has used a 1,493 cc, 3 cylinder mHawk turbo diesel engine in place of the 2,523 cc, 4 cylinder M2DiCR turbo diesel motor. These changes has allowed the Bolero to gain excise duty benefits.

Does this mean loss in features or interior space?

Mahindra Bolero gets 1.3 lakh rupees cheaper

Not at all. In fact, apart from the bumpers, nothing else in the MUV’s body has been touched. What this means is, the wheelbase, width and height of the Bolero Power+ remain similar to the larger engined, longer variants. Mahindra claims to have cushioned the seats better in the new variant.

Any other benefits?

The downsized, 1.5 liter mHawk engine is said to be 5 % more fuel efficient, and gets an ARAI certified mileage figure of 16.5 Kmpl. Peak power has increased to 70 Bhp (3,600 rpm) while torque remains unchanged at 195 Nm (between 1,400 and 2,200 rpm). Mahindra now offers an increased warranty of 3 years/100,000 Kms.

What are the other engine options on the Bolero?

Mahindra Bolero gets 1.3 lakh rupees cheaper

Mahindra offers the Bolero with 2 other engines, one a direct injection diesel and the other a common rail injection diesel. Both engines have 4 cylinders and displace 2,523 cc each. Power and torque outputs are also similar at 63 Bhp-195 Nm. 5 speed manual gearboxes and rear wheel drive layouts are standard. A 4 wheel drive transfer case is offered on the DI version upon special order. These engines, though crude are extremely rugged. These bulletproof engines have been the mainstay of the Bolero for years.