This Mahindra Bolero is a home-on-wheels [Video]

After pandemic and lockdown, people have started exploring new ways to travel. Road trips have become a lot more different as many people are now opting for caravans to travel. For those who cannot afford a caravan, they often convert their car into one and use it as their space to sleep during trips. Some of the state governments have also started promoting caravan tourism and we have featured some of these modified caravans on our website. Mostly we have seen MPVs getting converted into such caravans. Here we have a Mahindra Bolero that is actually modified into a camper van and it looks like home on wheels.

The video has been uploaded by MIHIR GALAT on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to the owner of Mahindra Bolero with several exterior and interior modifications. On the outside, the owner has done modifications to enhance the off-raoad abilities and on the inside, they have given importance to comfort. Starting with the exterior, the stock bumper on this Bolero has been replaced with an off-road bumper. It gets auxiliary lamps mounted on the bumper. There is an electric winch installed on the bumper as well.

When compared to a stock Mahindra Bolero, this one looks a lot more taller. The reason for that are spacers installed to the front suspension and the rear leaf springs have been slightly modified to increase the overall ground clearance. This was also done to accommodate the aftermaket off-road spec wheels and tyres. There are exoskeleton installed on various panels to avoid damage in case of a rollover. There is a roof rack installd on the top and there are auxiliary lamps all around the car for better view at night.

This Mahindra Bolero is a home-on-wheels [Video]

Coming to the interior, the owner of this Bolero mentions that most of modifications in this Bolero were done by him and his father who is a doctor by profession. The owner starts by opening he tail gate. This is where they have made modifications to place their gas stove and other pantry. All the wooden cabinets seen in the Bolero were custom made. The second and third row seats on this Mahindra Bolero were completel removed and were replaced with a sofa cum bed. There is a sound bar installed on the roof for better audio experience and along with that, the car wooden cabinets on the rood to store cloths and other items. Right next to the bed is a small refrigerator for drinks and they also have provisions for glasses and torches for emergency situations.

The owner mentions that the bed has enough space for 2 adults and they have even travelled in this Bolero to the hills with four people recently. The wiring on this car has been done seperately and converters have been installed to use all the electrical equipments inside and outside the car. The owner mentions that they have spent almost Rs 10 lakh on modifications on this Bolero so far and they are planning even more with the same vehicle for future.

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