India’s tallest cop needs a custom built, lifted Mahindra Bolero to fit him [Video]

India is blessed with people of extremely distinct genetics and it can be traced through different regions of our country. Punjab is known to have men who are tall and broad. One such famous man is Mr Jagdeep Singh who is 7.6 feet who works as a police officer in Punjab for 19 years. He is the tallest cop in our country and is quite famous.

A viral video posted online showing how the cop lives his life with the added pressure of catching eyeballs wherever he goes. With great height, comes great difficulties as well. No one would like it if their height would restrict them to drive their regular car. Mr Singh has been assigned a Mahindra Bolero by the department for his daily duty but to our shock, even a car like Bolero looks like a toy car, barely fitting Mr Singh inside it. The only solution was to modify the car by lifting it up. In this instance, the height of the cabin remains the same, however, the lifting up of the car has at least made it easier for Mr Singh to get in or get out of the car.

To give a little more context, Mr Jagdeep Singh is even taller than the Great Khali. He is based out of a small town in Punjab called Taran Taran. He is seen quite frequently patrolling in the town in his lifted Mahindra Bolero. We don’t have a lot of details pertaining to the kind of modifications that have been done to the car, but from the images, we can gauge that the car has wider tyres and from obvious reasons, the lift kit makes the modified Bolero taller than the originally designed height of the car.

India’s tallest cop needs a custom built, lifted Mahindra Bolero to fit him [Video]

We also don’t have enough information to claim what kind of modifications the car has gone through to fit the needs of Mr Singh, but since he is a cop, we are sure all the modifications were legal. It is definitely higher than the stock version of the original Bolero but even then Mr Singh’s turban touches the roof of the car making it look like a toy. We can also clearly spot the aftermarket bull bar which is extremely common in such modified off-road cars.

However, we cannot neglect the fact that the highest court of India bans the use of the aftermarket bumper. It’s primarily because it has a solid structure and that makes it difficult for the bumper to absorb any sort of impact and that in turn damages the vehicle that comes into contact with this aftermarket bumper. The auxiliary bumper takes the show away by being mounted right on top of the bull bar. There is also an image on the internet which shows Mr Jagdeep Singh on a Hero Splendor, which also looks like a toy motorcycle with him on top of it.

He has got a lot of fame. At home, he has a customized 8×8 feet bed to accommodate his body comfortably. He lives with his family and whenever he goes out in public, people gather around him to click pictures. He has also shot in a few movies, including the box office breaker Rang De Basanti, where he was witnessed in the famous shot of picking up Aamir Khan during the title track in the wrestling pit.