2 ton Mahindra Bolero gets stuck in a ditch: Women Army Battalion simply ‘LIFTS’ it out [Video]

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The Mahindra Bolero is the best selling utility vehicle by the company and probably the best seller in its segment. The Bolero is especially popular in suburban and rural areas as well as hilly/mountainous regions due to its sturdy built, plenty of space and reliable nature. Now while the Bolero is a fairly competent vehicle and can tackle almost every type of terrain that is thrown at it, it can get stuck at times. A video circulating on Twitter shows a similar condition, where a Mahindra Bolero got stuck in a ditch and was pushed out by a group of women who were the members of an Army battalion in Nagaland.

After the video went viral, Anana Mahindra took to twitter and shared the video. The Mahindra head honcho wrote:

Now I don’t know why the Bolero was in the ditch 😊 but I certainly am glad a few able-bodied women were around to rescue it! And yes, I’m never going to be foolish enough to take on a Naga Women Battalion!

While the video has been doing its rounds on the Internet for a while and the incident shown happened some time back, it was brought to limelight after Nagaland state MLA Mmhonlumo Kikon tweeted it. The politicians tagged Anand Mahindra and Kiren Rijiju who, in turn, shared the clip on Twitter too. As seen in the video, the front end of the video was completely stuck in a ditch of sorts beside the road. How the Bolero ended up being there is something that is not answered by the video but that’s also not the point here. It is more likely to be the driver’s mistake and a wrong manoeuvre could have resulted in the Bolero getting stuck.

2 ton Mahindra Bolero gets stuck in a ditch: Women Army Battalion simply ‘LIFTS’ it out [Video]

However, the sheer display of brute force by the members of the women battalion is something that needs to be appreciated. A large group of army women came together to get the car out of the ditch and the heavy vehicle was out in a matter of seconds. To let you know, the Mahindra Bolero is no feather weighted vehicle and has a gross weight of almost 2 tons. Usually, when a vehicle gets stuck in such a way as this Bolero, another vehicle is brought to tow/winch it out of the place. But the Naga Women Battalion here proved why we all should be proud of our Army. The total duration of the video is around 23 seconds, which is also approximately the time taken by these braveheart and sturdy women to get the Bolero out. Probably Mr Mahindra was right to state that the Naga Women Battalion is not to be messed with.

2 ton Mahindra Bolero gets stuck in a ditch: Women Army Battalion simply ‘LIFTS’ it out [Video]

A few months back, there was another case where a Mahindra Scorpio got stuck on pavement and was lifted out of its perils by a group of army Jawans. Funnily, this one seems to be the next episode of that video which proves the fact that men or women, the members of the Indian Army are some of the sturdiest human beings you’ll ever find. Talking about the Mahindra Bolero, the utility vehicle is built on a body on frame chassis and comes with an option of either a 1.5-litre diesel engine or a 2.5-litre diesel engine. Prices of the Bolero start from Rs. 7.49 lakh and go all the way up to Rs. 9.42 lakh.