This Jeep Wrangler is actually a Mahindra Bolero: HYPER Transformation

The modification game in India is going strong these days with almost every type of mod available in the scene now. SUVs and Jeeps are among the hot favorite of modifiers and off-road enthusiast as they provide a wide array of customization options. We in past have brought you many examples of gorgeously modified vehicles which include lowriders, wild off roaders, sleepers and replica jobs among others.

Today we bring you an example which is arguably the best done replica-mod job of recent times in our country. Take a look below at the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which started off its life as a humble Mahindra Bolero. That’s quite right, what you see below was once a good old Bolero which now has been given a complete transformation and looks radical.

This Jeep Wrangler is actually a Mahindra Bolero: HYPER Transformation

To be precise, it is a 2010 Mahindra Bolero CRDe model. However, it has gone under the knife and come out as a proper heavy duty Wrangler. The mod job has been done by Green Army Motorsports, a tuner and custom builder house based out in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Haryana. While there is no dearth of Thars and Boleros being turned into Wrangler these days, this one here is on a whole different level. One might not even be able to tell that this SUV was once a Bolero. The attention to details is quite remarkable and almost every part of the vehicle has been replaced, save for the mechanical bits. Let’s now get into more detail and see what all has gone into the making of this beast.

This Jeep Wrangler is actually a Mahindra Bolero: HYPER Transformation

The whole body kit has been developed in house for this mod job. The original engine and chassis have been retained but rest of the car is completely different from its former self. The front fascia has been revamped and features a typical Jeep raked seven slot grille. The front bumper is an all new unit too with tow hook and a LED bar in place. The front bonnet and the fenders are custom made and match Wrangler’s profile. The roof features multiple blinkers on all sides and also gets twin sunroofs. Moving to the sides, we see the typical Wrangler profile with big ORVMs, custom made door panes and handles, wide fenders and a squared out look.

This Jeep Wrangler is actually a Mahindra Bolero: HYPER Transformation

The rear tells the same story with a custom bumper and a huge spare tyre taking a big chunk of space. Notice that this is not just another front rear bumper-head-tail light mod job but rather a full blown customization work. The Wrangler Unlimited here has been done in satin matte grey colour with gloss black highlights. It looks very intimidating thanks to raised suspension setup along with those monstrous Maxis bighorn LT 315/75R16 tyres.

The interiors of this SUV too have been customized with a redesigned dashboard, powered seats, two sunroofs as mentioned before along with a host of other changes. The whole mod job took around month to get complete and involved a capital of about Rs. 8.5-10 lakhs. That price might be a turn off for some but when you consider that you get a SUV that can rub shoulders with the original Wrangler, it is quite a deal.


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