Mahindra Bolero transformed into an open-top jeep [Video]

Mahindra Bolero, which is one of India’s highest selling Utility Vehicle is quite popular for its rugged look and easy maintenance. The Mahindra Thar is one of the most preferred vehicles in the modification circuit and many extreme modification jobs have been spotted on the vehicle in the past. Even the Bolero is quite popular and a few examples of extreme modifications and transformation jobs have been spotted on the vehicle in the past. Here is an extreme modification job on Mahindra Bolero that makes it look like the Mahindra Thar.

According to the video uploaded on BANKS CUSTOM, the Bolero seen in the video has been customised in Chandigarh. It gets some extreme modification job including the alteration of the chassis. As per the video, the chassis of the Mahindra Bolero has been cut short by 1 and a half feet to get the final result. Since the chassis has been shortened, the wheelbase of the vehicle has also reduced from the stock condition. The body of this SUV is fully custom made and is not from any other vehicle. It seems like the body has been made using various vehicles.

The cabin of this modified Bolero is completely open with a soft top roof. The sides of the vehicle only get beams and there are no windows in place. From the front, it resembles quite a lot with customised Mahindra Thar and it also gets a similar grille. There is an angry bird scoop mounted on the top that makes the headlamps look very aggressive. At the front, it gets an off-road spec metal bumper with a metal bull bar placed on top of it.

It gets huge Mud Terrain tyres that measure a massive 33-inches. The wheels are mounted on aftermarket off-road spec steel rims. Covering the wheels are 4-inch extended fenders that add a muscular look to the vehicle. Even after the extended fenders, the massive wheels can be seen coming out of the body’s width. The front and rear suspension system have been upgraded to add cushion to the ride. The modified vehicle also gets a unique aftermarket exhaust system. The twin exhausts are placed on the side of the vehicle and both the sides get an exhaust outlet. It also gets ORVM from Willy’s.

Mahindra Bolero transformed into an open-top jeep [Video]

The whole car gets a matte paint finish. At the rear, the car gets LED aftermarket brake lamps and the spare tyre is mounted at the back of the vehicle. The off-road metal bumper is also installed in the rear.

On the inside, it gets front bucket seats from Honda Accord. At the rear, it gets a bench. All the seats are wrapped in leather. The vehicle gets steering wheel from Mahindra Thar and the gearbox lever is an aftermarket set with skull design.

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