Meet Jura, A Mahindra Bolero on Steroids

The Bolero is one of the oldest and most popular MUV in our country. While you won’t see many of them in cities they are selling in very good numbers in the rural areas. This is because people trust the Bolero because of its reliability. It has been two decades since the first generation of Bolero was launched and still, the SUV is going strong in terms of sales figures. Bolero is also one of the SUVs that people like to modify so that their Bolero stand out on the road. People would usually opt for modifications that make the SUV more capable off-road. However, here is a Bolero that has taken a completely different route. The Bolero we have today has been modified to become a luxury SUV.

Bolero Mod 4

The designer has named the Bolero ‘Jura’. You might be wondering what does Jura mean? Well, Jura is a mountain range located in the north of the Western Alps. The Bolero has been modified extensively from the exterior as well as the interior. At first glance, you won’t even be able to tell that this is a Bolero. The Jura is based on the first generation of Bolero which looked completely different. The modifications have been done by Rohan George of Rogeotec.

We can see that the SUV is finished in dual-tone paint colour. The base paint is red and the secondary colour is black. While vehicles have their roof painted in a different colour. The Jura’s roof, rear cover for the spare wheel, door handles and outside rearview mirrors and the front bonnet is painted in black colour.

At the front, you have an entirely different front fascia that is not recognizable as Bolero. It gets a different set of headlamps that have a smoked effect. The LED Daytime Running Lamps are a slim strip that is placed just below the headlamps. There is a different grille that is finished in black and it matches the paint of the bonnet. The bonnet itself has a huge scoop in it. We do not know if it is functional or not. There is a different bumper with turn indicator strips mounted in the fog lamp housing. There is also a faux skidplate finished in bronze colour.

Bolero Mod 3

At the side profile, we can see extended wheel arches and steel wheels with wider rubber. There is also a side step to make ingress and egress easier. From the side, we can really see the dual paint job that the modification shop has done. The SUV has also been lifted by 2-inches and the outside rearview mirror has also been changed.

Bolero Mod

The rear has a different set of after-market LED tail lamps. There is a faux skid plate and a spare wheel mounted on the tailgate. We can also see the performance exhaust hanging out from the revised rear bumper.

Bolero Mod 2

The interior has been redone as well. The red and black theme carries on to the interior as well. The entire dashboard has been modified and gets a piano black treatment. It comes with door pads, seat covers, an after-market infotainment system, sunroof and power windows. Interestingly, the rear bench seat has been swapped for two captain chairs to add to the up-market feel of the cabin.