Mahindra Bolero literally flies after massive water pipeline burst [Video]

Mumbai is (in)famous for its water-logged streets during monsoons and the resultant cases of vehicles drowning during the monsoon season. However, this particular incident involving a Mahindra Bolero is a bit different. For starters, the water-logging that you see in the video we have here is due to a leaking water pipe. This incident took place in Borivali, where some cars got stuck in the water-logged street. That, however, isn’t the point of our focus. What’s really spectacular about this entire incident is that the sudden pipe burst caught an unsuspecting Mahindra Bolero totally unaware of the impending danger.

The water gushed out with such a huge force that the Mahindra Bolero, which weighs much more than 1.5-tonnes, was tossed in the air by the sudden outburst of water. Details of physical injury to the occupants of the UV aren’t available at the moment. It’s also not known if other vehicles that were stuck on this water-logged street could escape without much damage. However, the video goes on to highlight the dangers posed by such ill-maintained civic infrastructure. It has been reported that the water supply to Borivali-Kandivali-Dahisar West area has been hampered due to this breakdown.

While we totally agree that this one was an unforeseen accident, it makes us wonder how the condition of the water pipe deteriorated to such a poor condition without coming under the scanner of the concerned authorities. Shouldn’t the Municipal Corporation and other concerned bodies be more careful about the maintenance of the infrastructure? Such incidents lead to a lot of wastage of water. Moreover, many unsuspecting road users can get hurt due to such accidents for no fault of theirs. While we are sure the concerned authorities would have taken some corrective measures by now, we urge all our readers to be extra cautious while using such water-logged streets.

Video – Asif Shaikh on Youtube