Mahindra Bolero with 20 inch wheels wants to be a Mercedes G-Wagen!

Mahindra has had more hits than misses for sure, especially in the SUV segment. Bolero has been one of the most successful launches by Mahindra. A testament to this is the car staying alive in the market for two decades and still running. Of course, it is so successful because of the unique masculine looks and the practicality for the end-user. It still has a substantial market share in the SUV segment in India. In the near past, Mahindra made slight changes in the original design. To meet the new safety norms, it had to make a lot of technical changes. They also launched the BS6 version of the MUV successfully. Mahindra Bolero also takes a share of the market for consumers who love modifying their cars and we’ve seen a lot of them. Let’s look at this version of Bolero that wants to mirror the Mercedes G-Wagen.

To our surprise, the Bolero didn’t go through a complete change to look like the G-Wagen. With the BS6 version, Mahindra has already redefined the bumper, front grille and the headlamp. The distinguishing factor was definitely the screaming huge 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels.

Even with this one change, the Bolero managed to look a lot like the G-Wagen. The 20-inch alloy wheels definitely add heaps and bounds to the already muscular look of the Bolero. It also adds to the sporty and SUVish look to this MUV with the distinctly visible ground clearance due to the allow wheels.

There were no other major changes to the original car. However, Bolero has changed over the years. Someone who’s tracked the changes would know that it has come a long way to keep its place in the market. It comes with safety features up to the most prime standard with high-speed alerts, dual airbags, seat belts reminder for both the driver and the co-driver and the rear parking sensor. There are three versions of the 2020 Bolero – B4, B6 and B6(O). The top-end B6 gets standard top-end features such as power windows, music system, central locking and so on. The Bolero luckily has had no direct competition as it portrays and is used as a multi-utility-vehicle. Owing to the ruggedness and reliability it is a huge success in the paramilitary fleets, which makes it one of the best sellers in the MUV market.

So, the Bolero is powered with a 1.5-litre diesel engine and is able to generate a maximum of 75 Ps and 195 Nm of peak torque. The engine of the car is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox and for Mahindra’s own reasons, they didn’t even give an option for the automatic transmission. The price starts for the BS6 variant of the Mahindra Bolero starts at INR 7.98 lakh, ex-showroom and can go up to INR 8.99 lakh, ex-showroom.

Shantonil Nag

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